Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 Day Down

Of bed rest that is...honestly day 1 was not all that bad. My sister has been in town for a week and we were suppose to do some shopping yesterday but since the Dr. put a kabosch on me being in the vertical position she got do my errands for me. Over all though I felt like a huge slacker when there are things that should be done and since I'm a little bit of a control freak I have a hard time letting others do things around our house. Now, if someone wants to detail my car inside and out and have the car seat installed I'm more than willing to relinquish that task to any licensed driver. Marcus, has been super with the new orders and I'm sure it's hard when in the AM he is getting dressed for work and I'm asking if he could just stay home instead. Although I know if he did stay home and was cleaning or something I would feel super guilty that he has to do it all. So I guess it's best that he goes to work and I find ways to pass the time till he comes home.

Today I have created myself a little to do list to help pass the time and make myself feel as though I actually accomplished something. So my to do list: 1) list prego clothes on ebay, 2) take care of the few (tons) of loose ends at work, 3) crochet Marcus a hat, and 4) attempt to take a nap. I find myself wide awake every morning at 3am does that mean that Baby Z will sleep from 9p-3a everyday and then go back to sleep till 7a??

Speaking of Baby Z overall this pregnancy has been delightful, till the whole bed rest thing the good news is the Docs don't see me still being prego by next week. I can only hope cause I'm not sure I could handle another week of being at home in the horizontal position with the constant question of "How do you feel?" The thing is I feel fine I felt fine when I went to the doc and was surprised when they said my BP was high. That question annoys me and probably isn't good if I have high BP so if you wanna ask it find different wording tap into your creative side, please.

I'd say the dogs are a whole better at the bed rest thing than I am.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Jumping on the blog wagon here to keep family and friends near and far in tuned with our comings and goings. Why now? you ask...well I've been placed on bedrest due to work/pregnancy induced high blood pressure so until Baby Z arrives I've got time to figure out the whole blog world and what not. I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs and their happenings. So why not and I'll be working part-time once baby comes so that will leave plenty of time to update the world on our family. Yes, I know that it not true at all but hey one can think that it will happen that way. So, for now you can count on lots of post as while I lay around and do nothing:(