Thursday, February 23, 2012

slackers in Jan

Feeling like a slacker because in Jan I posted so few items on our to do list and not updating till halfway through Feb with all of a couple items on the to do list.

January, so we obiviously have some items left see above but we will add:

Master Bedroom- I feel like we have moved on up in the world of adulthood and purchased a king size bed.  Marcus built our frame and well we are still not finished.  I have selected the colors I would like for our room and so now the waiting will begin.  Waiting for the duvet to have a clearance sticker on it for about 1/2 off.  Waiting for the motivation to paint, waiting for accent pillows to have a clearance sticker on them as well. Here is the color palette:

Guest Bedroom- this one was easy as soon as we got our new bed for our room, our old mattress became the guest bedroom mattress.  And if you recall back in August (or September) my sis in-law had gone shopping for the guest room duvet, accent pillow and wall decor.  Now we just gotta paint and hang wall decor

purchase/install light fixture for dining area- umm...yeah this is going on Febraury/March list without a doubt

draft up, edit ,and post all the posts I have talked about posting (that one sounds simple but seriously I put quite a bit of naptime time into my posts)- and we can insert a huge FAIL here.  I guess my posts on swim lessons took over my posts on pinterest and everything else so exciting (written with lots of sarcasam).


paint master bedroom

paint guest room

re-line kitchen cabinets

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paleo Cereal

As I've said before I eat about 80% paleo on any given day.  And well paleo friends of mine were discussing their cereal.  So I had to give it a try and I must say YUMMY!!! I had it as my snack today and it hit the spot!

almonds, banana, frozen blueberries (or fresh), and almond milk


We're still here, just haven't had a chance to peck at the keyboard.  But, I have given myself the time limit of 30min to share before I go and fold laundry and put it all away.  I feel a good bullet point list is a great way to fill ya in along with some pics and videos.

*A super cute lil boy got a side taken off his crib which turned it into a toddler bed.

*Ian got his 1st shiner (from a girl) it was a moment of bad timing, he was tough though and almost 3wks later he is still talking about.

*Feed some ducks and after this experience I will never getaway with just living a snack for ducks in the prairie.

*We said "see ya later" to Sis

*Ian learned how to hop like a frog. Please disregard his pantless attire he was delaying pj putting on.

*Ian became a man and grew a mustache, (every year the fire dept puts on a fundraiser in which 100% of the proceeds go directly tofor The Hooiser Burn Camp and The Firefighters Cancer Support Network  and  in which for the month of Feb the guys grow upper lip sweaters and then they have a have a contest and all the ladies cringe at the sight of their normally naked upper lip hubby's/boyfriends)

*Oh and we can add the following words to Ian's vocab:
 Nauggy- naughty
 lelow- yellow
And I'm sure there is more, but I'm out of thinking power right now.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Z house funnies Edition 3

Another edition of Z House Funnies because well we are humans and things happen that you just gotta laugh at.

*This one actually took place at my sister's house in FL.
Diaper change gone terribly wrong for an unprepared mommy.  Ian needed a diaper change so I started and when I realized it was a poopy diaper I looked for the wipes and quickly remembered they were in another room.  So I cover Ian with diaper to prevent any fountain shows and tell him "don't touch".  Come back to the room and the diaper is no longer covering him or even under him.  I look and diaper is up by his head, I pick it up and the poo has diappeared I look in the area the diaper was in and see nothing.  I then look at Ian and see it, it has attacked the side of his face and neck.  Excellent my son had a poop face...literally.

*Daily conversation in car:
Ian: mommy?
Me: yes
Ian: stuck
Me: are you stuck in your seat?
Ian: yeah
Me: that is good you are suppose to be, I love you!

*Marcus relayed this one to me as I was in Chicago with my sister for some time away.  Convo between Marcus and I:
Marcus: Ian wanted to take his gator out on the open road.  So he drove it to his parents.
Me: oh yeah, how'd I go?
Marcus: well, he cried and had to have warm water run over his hands when he arrived.
Me: why didn't he have his mittens on? (mind you it almost 50 so mittens are not all that necessary)
Marcus: well I didn't think it would take an 1hr and 15min to travel 13 houses
Me: oh wow...yeah I wouldn't have thought to bring gloves either.

*Thank goodness one of the previous owners of house did this to the wall between the dining area and basement stairs:
I've had to climb over that wall from the basement stairs more times than I would like to remember thanks to a little boy who discovered how to lock doors.

*It's been unseasonably warm around here so on Tuesday I let Ian drive around in his Gator. We took a shorter drive than above when Marcus supervised driving.  Anyways we were across the street from our house and 1 house down when Ian decided he was tired of driving and got off and started walking towards the house.  Leaving me with the Gator on the road, 2 options ran through my head: 1) bend over and use one hand to push the "gas" and my other hand to steer. 2)get in and drive.  Here was my FB status that will reveal which option I went with: "Dear neighbors and passer by-ers, please erase the image of me driving my child's Gator as my child walked along. Said child got tried and didn't want to drive anymore. And yes Mr Honda Odyssey I did see you take a triple look."

*Whenever we get somewhere I tell Ian he is going to walk and he says "no, mommy" meaning I'm to carry him. So while carrying him I ask if it's because his legs are broke and he says while laughing "no, mommy" while patting my back.  Well, as of this week when I get him out of the car and stand him up next to the car he says "broke, mommy" when I pick him up he says mommy and pats my back.

Love him so much!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Back in the beginning of Jan my sister and I boarded the train and headed north west to Chicago for some sister time away that of course included shopping and eating.  We also went up to into the John Hancock Building.  We had a great view from our hotel as well!!