Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Painting my eyes

After doing some laundry I went to check on Ian who had been rather quiet for a while.

He told me he was painting his eyes.  So after I took a quick video and the above picture we put the caps on the markers, placed the markers on top of the entertainment center and headed upstairs to show daddy and look in the mirror. 

I would like to take an opportunity and thank Crayola for making washable markers and to the inventor of baby wipes.  I think it came off faster than it went on.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a change

Do you see that? Oh my goodness I am loving our table more than ever right now!  Our table got such a fantastic "facelift" and the old wood chairs have been to the furniture graveyard in the basement before they get the Goodwill boot.

The chairs are from Pier 1 originally and are still available they are on sale for $119 each. Now, I tell you that because well I think we know each other well enough by now to know that we would never pay $119 for a chair let alone to buy 5 at that price. Instead I paid $125 for all 5!! I came across them at a garage sale near our house. I was in fact on the phone with Marcus when I pulled into the subdivision an we were having a pretty serious discussion in regards to professional job life when I so rudely interrupted with "I just found our new dining area chairs!!!!!". May have not been the most appropriate time but I think tw price made up for my bad timing.

And then our light fixture got a nice upgrade:

I'm unsure of it's original price it was on clearance at one of our Lowe's store for $119 and at another Lowe's store for $59.  We LOVE getting a good deal and I think our dining area makeover is now complete aside from maybe a piece of artwork and of course refinish the floors. So I think we say it's 90% complete!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Blue

My Poppy has been waiting for this day since Dec 31 2009.

And to make it all even better when he asked Ian if he wanted to get on the tractor there was zero hesitation, no looking back for my approval, just straight running to climb up.

He even got to help out and do a task (move the bushes that Poppy and my cousins dug up and move them down to the burn pile) with his Poppy and my cousin Andrew.  It took five trips to complete the task and by the end he was almost sleeping on the job (Ian not Poppy).

waiting for the grunt work to be done

When we pulled out of the driveway to go home Ian said "that was FUN".  So I do beleive he had fun!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

mini vacay

This past week we headed south to Indy. Upon arrival to the city we headed straight to the Indianapolis Zoo where we meant up with Jennifer and Grant (my SIL and her hubby).  Of course in the whol 3hr drive Ian choose to nap the last 20min of the drive so we had no clue what his demeanor would be like: clingy, silly, or down right grumpy.  Surprisingly he was in good spirits with only a lil' clinginess other than that he wanted to walk by himself  or was content in the stroller so YAY!! At the zoo we saw all your typical zoo animals dolphins (Indy Zoo has a fantastic dolphin show but due to a new calf being born the show was not being preformed while we were there), tigers, polar bears, giraffes (which we got to feed, Ian was of course gun ho about this adventure up until it was his turn in which he tossed the slice of sweet potato over the fence and then was given a 2nd chance to feed and made me do it instead.  FYI a giraffe's tougue feels like sand paper, turtles, snakes, the whole animal works.


penny smashing

snake charmer

we got to feed him

not bad after 3hrs in 90+ temps
Playground fun:
that was a fast slide

mulch in the shoe

being a kid

heading to the playground with Grant

Children's Museum:
Ian slept the entire way, unlike the zoo we didn't take the stroller and I'm so glad we didn't it. I'm still amazed at what all Ian was willing to do without me having to do it too.  FYI: The Children's Museum is one of the best in country, if you get the opportunity to go and visit and you have lil people I highly encourage you to go!

dino digging

just being a dinosaur

train fun

penny smashing

more digging
scuba diving-he didn't like it

polishing up the Hot Wheels car
driving the Hot Wheels car

in case he crosses the pond and needs to know how to drive on the wrong side of the car

and this is the best pic out of 12 taken plus one movie that was accidentally made

I'd say our trip was a success, and we will go back again! We tossed around the idea of heading to the Shedd Aquariuam in Chicago but decided to hold off for now.