Monday, January 21, 2013

December part 2

We now have a 3 year old residing in our home!

Our theme per-say was tractors/farm here are the decorations that were present at each celebration, kept it simple:
Banner courtsey of my pinterest pin and Lauren's skills

up-cycledour green bean cans and a mason jar, cuts out happened with the help of Lauren's mom 

Cake for celebration with Hummell side, made by a wanna be cake person (I'm way better at consuming cake than I am decorating)

cake for celebration with Zarembka side, made by a wanna be cake person (I'm way better at consuming cake than I am decorating)
Celebration #1 was on Christmas Eve we served ribs, pizza, veggies and chips.  At both celebrations we struggled with blowing the candles out.


Celebration #2 was the following weekend and biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and fruit were served (I would like to think that is a farmer's breakfast).

Celebration #3 involved just the 3 of us on 12/31 his actual birthday.  Ian woke up and walked out to a "curtain" of balloons in  his doorway

We then got ourselves around and headed out to breakfast:

Came home and opened presents and then went outside and played in the snow!
We played outside for about 2hrs, came in had hot chocolate and watched a movie.  Ian fell asleep and when dinner was ready he was impossible to wake up so we put him to bed.  Marcus and I ate dinner and cake in his sleeping honor and he slept till 8a the next day (playing in the snow will do that to a freshly turned 3yr old).
Celebration #4 was at the sitters, she throws birthday celebrations for all the kiddos that she watches.  They get to pick their cake and what is on it.

And that wraps up the Birthday celebrating for now, wooweeeeeee that was exhausting but fun and completely worth it!!

Happy Birthday Lil Guy, now stop growing as you are very sweet, loving and funny and I don't want you to change!!  Honestly though every stage and age has been great of course each stage and age comes with its own pros and cons but the pros always outweigh the cons.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

December recap part 1

"sigh" wow December was BUSY, although when is December ever not busy? We had the typical Christmas preperation madness going on, we decorate the inside of our house the weekend after Thanksgiving (I had hubby outside on the later inthe early part of Nov thanks to warmer than normal temps, but lights don't get turned on till Turkey night).

Our Home!

Swingset tree

With decorating out of the way, cookie baking started along with shopping. Marcus and I took a day to head over to the outlets and did our shopping for ourselves. So, yes we knew exactly what we were each getting for Christmas, yay no fake smiles or awkward happiness had to occur.  Marcus handled a lot of the shopping for Ian as he knew in mind exactly what all he wanted to get him.  So we had buying for Christmas and Birthday completed and then the big decision of what is for Christmas and what is for Birthday.

Here is our Christmas morning, I was up before anyone else.  I read some of my book club book and peeled and cut the potatoes for mashed potatoes.  Ian walked in and didn't even pay attention to the tree he was concerned about the wearabouts of some gifts he received the previous night for his birthday (part 2). So, I was able to recreate the moment:)

this was by the far the "best" present he received

We did Christmas at our house in the morning with just the 3 of us and ate cinnamon rolls, I received a treadmill from my boys so I did a quick 5k run on that and then it was time to shower to get on with the rest of the events of the day and house hopping.
Part 2 will recap on the birthday celebrations...


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

for now...

I promise some posts/recaps are coming they are in the works, for now this will have to do.  Since Ian and I apparently aren't allowed to be more than a foot apart when he's awake my only time to work on blogging or really anything is when he is napping or its bedtime so it's a matter of putting the to do's into priority and tackling and blogging always gets put way down on the list.

Quick recap I'm now a full time SAHM, my last day of work was Fri Jan 11th in which I helped the owners pack up to prepare for turning all our keys into our landlord.  It was a tough week, espesically because our location was successful but the corporate office kinda squashed it due to their guidelines.  Now, their guidelines were never laid out for us to know what to look for when we had an interested buyer. It took trail and error on our part which also required time resulting in disappointment.  Marcus and I looked into purchasing it but it was WAYYYYYY to scary for us. As well as the vibes I was getting from the corporate office and seeing first hand how they treated a franchise owner who has been with them for over 10yrs, wasn't impressed.

So, this is my first full week and it's been interesting.  Ian and I are adjusting to be being together everyday all day and figuring out our routine.  Some days have been easier than others, he has been very clingy and after talking with a friend it made sense. He is waiting for me to leave as in the past our time together has always come to an end and well for now their is no end in sight.  We did find an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Netflix so after 45min approx 2 times a day I get to watch this:

Ok, I realize this post was all over the place and I will use the excuse of it's 10 till 11 and I'm sleepy:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

working out

I have always been active and for the past 7.5yrs (before I started working out at home I worked out at work which I then did on top of my at home workouts) I have worked out on my own 6-7x a week at home.  I actually prefer this, I know not many people can handle working out at home but I guess it just doesn't bother me.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE me a good class such as Body Pump, D60X and C4 which for me locally can be found at ICE gym in Mishawaka (they are under new management and therefore their name has changed and it's no longer ICE).  What I like about these classes is that you are pushed to your MAX by not only the trainer but the people also in the class (I took these classes with my sister and well to say we are competitive is a little bit of an understatement, "Oh, I'm sorry the board says to do this with a 20lb kettlebell, we will do it with a 35lb kettlebell (I was cursing at her for making this decision for us but how else are you going to improve yourself if you don't push yourself or allow someone else to push you)".  And by the end of the day you can feel the work you have done in your muscles and you get up the next morning to do it all over again.  Last year for Christmas I received a gift certificate for ICE for 2 months and that was just what I needed to break up my at home workout routine before 1/2 marathon training season began.

This year I intend to run another 1/2 marathon, but since outside running conditions aren't in my favor for another 2mos I will start another round of Insanity and also toss in some runs on the treadmill.  I  completed my first 9wks, 63 days of Insanity on Dec 30th and well if I'm doing it again I guess I liked it.  I like the schedule even though I changed it up to meet my personal life schedule.  I like that it's not the same workout every day, I like that no matter how many times in the 9wks you repeat a workout it's just as hard as the first day you did it. I did this along with a good friend of mine, no we didn't workout together (except once) we kept each other accountable and counted down the days together. I'm now going to be brave and really put myself out there and show my progress photos from day 1 to mid-way to day 63:/

This is my fit test worksheet which you do a fit test every 2wks.
Quite pleased with my progress
During those 63 days I had a sinus infection, GI bug and an upper respiratory infection, yet I did not miss a single workout. I do not let things like that get in the way of improving myself, I may not preform as well or able to put 100% into it but I am moving and giving it my all at that time.  I also don't I let holiday's, hosting people in my home, or vacations get in the way.  Instead I workout on holiday's, invite our house guests to workout with me, and workout/run while on vacation.  The one thing is when you're traveling running is a great way to explore the city you are visiting. I also always workout in the morning as soon as I get up. I don't even put my contacts in (my vision isn't all that bad). My thought on this is, is that if I don't do it in the morning an say I will do it later it becomes easier to push it further down on my list of to do's and it doesn't happen. I also don't like having to shower more than once a day because of a workout I failed to do when I woke up.
This past weekend I attended Crossfit061 and I'm sore (I took the class on Saturday and today is Tuesday and I'm still sore)!!! This was not my first Crossfit workout as I have done some at home before.  And like any workout I liked it, the budget just doesn't like it, seeing as though I have not paid for a gym membership in almost 10yrs and I have successfully worked out at home and I can't justify the expense.

With all the above said I will leave you with
•go outside your workout comfort zone, you may find something you like more than your current routine or something to add into your current routine!
•push yourself or allow yourself to be pushed by someone else
•make you a priority
•sign up for a local 5k and check out training programs such as couch to 5k (just google couch to 5k)
•keep moving
•don't stop improving yourself
•you don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing. Don't stop!!

Here is an at home workout that I do on a regular basis.
Repeat 3x (takes about 30min)
•10 push ups (start out on your knees or even wall push ups)
•20 crunches/sit ups
•25 squats (remember weight on your heels, toes should be able to wiggle and lift off the ground. Stick your butt out and knees in line with toes never past your toes)
•20 lunges (10 per leg)
•80 jumping jacks (do your best and over time you will improve)
•60 sec wall sit (take breaks if you need too until you can hold it for a full 60 sec$

Until next time (maybe even an Ian post)!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


It's the 1st week in January time to put down the changes/steps I hope to take this year into the cyber world.

1) do some major blog post catching up and stay on top it
2) eat cleaner, clean cleaner, live cleaner.  When I say clean cleaner I mean take a look at what my cleaning solutions are and what can I make with household items such as vinegar.
3) print and organize photos, I attempted this once and well I'm almost done with Ian's 1st yr of life
4) along with the photos make yearly yearbooks of Ian's life which come high school graduation time should make life easier and make for some great moments to share.
5) run another 1/2 marathon
6) clean out closet
7) work with Ian on his Pre-K skills
8) playdates with my bookie ladies and well their kids too:)

1) paint trim in the guest room and Ian's room
2) redo basement playroom (repair drywall and paint)
3) update living room furniture, currently we have a mish mash of things going on, basically turn the design that my sister in law has envisioned for our space into real life (post to come on that)
4) pull up carpet and refinish hardwood floors underneath throughout house (or at least living room and hallway)
5) sell what we don't need, we have corner in the basement that we call the graveyard although everything in the graveyard still works it's all just been retired.
6) build bedroom in basement
7)install fence around yard, update landscaping around pool
8) change out all doors to 6 panel doors

I see the majority of these things happening pretty quickly (pending my motivation) well except the outside stuff. Because on Jan 14th I start my new position (well I've always had this position I just get to put more time into it) as a SAHM!!  I will still be helping the owner close up the business and tie up lose ends with the business but will no longer have to leave the house 3x a week for 10hrs at a time.  I'm already down to just managing one location and the gas budget can already tell a difference in not having to do all the driving I was doing before hand.

So here's to a great 2013 and seeing what comes our way!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ian 3yrs

My buddy boy you are now 3 and if I haven't said it enough I'll say it again.  You are a very loved little boy and have made the past 3yrs some incredible ones. Since your 2.5 yr old post I feel a lot has been accomplished.

I'd say since October (which is when you started potty training in 2011) you are 100% potty trained with an occassional accident, our carpet sure does show that you've been potty training.  You can (it seems some days you find yourself completely helpless and can't do a single thing for yourself while other days you are kicking me out the bathroom) dress yourself  from undies to socks to jeans to shirt to shoes and you have an opinion as to what you're going to wear.  You are still a sweet little boy who knows how to win your mommy over with your compliments of "yours hair looks nice" after I get ready in the morning and "I like your nails" after I paint them.  You started asking the "why" question and never seem satisfied the the answer...which lets be honest here gets annoying real quick!

You can brush your teeth (how well you do is up for debate), run, jump, somersault, swing, throw balls, swim, throw some pretty good taturms, so yeah typical 3yr old stuff.  In late October you started having a little stutter which we are keeping an eye as it's common for your age and for boys.  Your little brain is going a mile a minute and your mouth can't spit the words out as fast your brain is thinking them.

You sleep in a big boy bed (full size) and have yet to fall out, yay for that as I don't like to hear things go thump in the night.  You still kinda rule the house when it comes to bedtime but eventually it happens.  You also like to climb into mommy and daddy's bed too:)

You are still a tough guy to feed, now daddy has the magic touch and you will try new things for him but for me not so much.  You can also stretch dinnertime out to almost 2hrs (which drives me batty). Despite your eating issues you have grown at your 3yr wellness visit you weighed in at 33lbs and are 37.5" tall which puts you in the 50th precentile for both. Now, to compare you to your daddy at his 3yr wellness visit he weighed 39lbs and was 39" tall.  So, although you're not the same you are growing at the same rate considering your length at birth whic you were 19.5" and your daddy was 22" so if someone who really likes numbers and wants to do some math they may be able to confirm my thinking, until then I'm going with you're on track to grow:)

I asked you on your birthday if you would stay my little boy and you said "no, i have to be big". Well, mister I got news for you, you will also be my little boy. You sure have grown up in the past 3yrs though.

Ian Matthew,
I love you little boy!
Love, Mommy


If you know me then you know I throughly enjoy working out it's something I do every day and it's important to me.  I just finished my 1st round of Insanity (post to come later). What I wear when I workout is important as well; from the sports bra (it's importance ranks just as high as my running shoes), to the shorts and/or compression long or capri style pants, to the top.  When I shop for activewear I look at how it wears when I look at my activewear wardrobe I have running/workout clothes from 7yrs ago that still I still wearing, still sweating in.  At the sametime I'm not a huge fan of spending a lot of money on the clothes I'm going to sweat in.  So I tend to shop clearance racks and sales I love when January rolls around as retailers like to have sales to meet the needs of those who have new years resolutions of working out.  One place I like to get my activewear from is Old Navy they have a great selection of many different fits and styles.  I was given an opportunity from Crowdtap and Old Navy to get a new activewear outfit of my choice for me and a friend.  I ventured into my local Old Navy store already having in mind that I would get a long compression pants (I have a couple pairs but one of them fits a little funny and i find myself constantly readjusting as I'm running) and a jacket.  Available sizes were a little slim to choose from so I picked based on what sizes were available. Luckily they had long compression tights in my size, next up was which jacket again decision was made based on what sizes were available (and some confirmation of my decision thanks to texting/imessage technology). My sister and I both went the same jackets just different colors in the store these were the only 2 color choices available. My sister was in need of new cycling pants she choose the shorter style.  Wheres as I went with the longer style.  Remember how I said retailers run specials on activewear during the first part of January well Old Navy is not disappointing they are offering 40% off all activewear  both at the store and online until 1/16/2013 so hurry and refresh your activewear wardrobe.

sorry for the blurriness of the photo

 shorter style