Monday, February 11, 2013

Ian's world

It's time to dump my phone of Ian saying's:

Back story: Ian had 2 accidents while out shopping after swim lessons.
Me: Buddy are you not closing your mouth when you swim under water?
Ian: No
Me: you need to close your mouth so you don't drink the water
Ian: but I thirsty

Me: Ian please pick your shoes up
Ian: I can't ninja's got them

Ian phrases:
can you feed me? I havin' issues.
I'm a jumper puddle (said as he goes in a completely different direction to jump in a puddle)

Ian: yay! we're almost home
Me: yes we are
Ian: I wasn't talkin' to you
Me: oh, who were you talking too?
Ian: to my Mickey and Mickey Bear

Me: do you need a kleenex?
Ian: no, I have my shirt
Me: how about we get you a kleenex
Ian: No (said very definitely) I used my shirt, I'm good

now, to unload some photos and videos from my phone:
Mickey Bear and Ian
My workout buddy (when he wakes up in time to join me)
Happy 3rd Birthday Jada (party at Crossfit 061)

Spent 2 whole days as a Monster Fighting Super Hero "pow pow"


He cleans up pretty well

until the next phone unloading:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

looking back

I have realized that looking back in our time in the NICU that we were given something parents that don't go through the NICU aren't given (aside from a larger hospital bill), we brought home a routined/scheduled newborn.  I have witnessed friends both in the my real life (those I text with and see on a regular basis) and those in the facebook world (I see their status updates) as they struggle to figure out a routine/schedule for themselves and their newborn.  I quickly realized what our time in the NICU gave us (aside from a thriving newborn), a wonderful wonderful thing of a routined/scheduled newborn.  That my friends cannot be put on any type of registry.  Recently a close friend and her husband have embarked on the journey of adoption and their son Eli is requiring a pretty long stay in the NICU.  I offered them advice and support and left them with my lasted discovery and that was keep Eli on the NICU schedule, those nurses and doctors have accomplished one of the hardest things new parents try to figure out, don't mess with their hardwork.  Instead embrace it and thank them dearly and enjoy knowing that he will need changed and feed every 3hrs and then eventually every 4 and so on.

Let's walk back back down memory lane of Ian's 1st day of life:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Fins Swim School returns

Little Fins is back in town for the month which means Ian is busy enhancing his swimming and resting skills.

And it's a complete 360 from last year's lessons (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4).  He asks every night if we have swim lessons in the morning and then to reconfirm in the AM he asks if we have swim lessons that day.  We walk into the pool area and he starts stripping his clothes to put his suit on (so we started wearing our suit under our clothes to prevent any unecessary little boy naked-ness. He was his Sis' resident AM racer with the newer kiddos to help them adjust to doing the work. He was also known for swimming in the kiddos lessons before and after his, he loved it and can't wait for us to open our pool. Therefore Ole' Man Winter can leave my boy wants to swim in his backyard.

Round 2 Week 1:

Round 2 Week 2:

Round 2 Week 3:
Round 2 week 4:
Round 2 Skills Test day...He passed:)
Round 2 Last day (being a complete goofball as he could have had those stairs without a rest):
A big thanks to Marci for taking time (a total of 6 weeks) away from your normal life in warm sunny Orlando to teach the kiddos in the Michiana area how to be safe yet confident in and around water.