Wednesday, March 6, 2013

still here

Not to worry I'm still but you remember that 2013 post? Yeah, I've been tackling that on top of being knocked by the flu. Luckily, Ian has some super human immune system and as only gotten a cough.  I hope to do a post filled with photo's of our progress, we've been working away in the playroom in the basement.

In the meantime, here is an interview I did of Ian last week.
For the past I don't know 6mos or so whenever we were in the car, Ian would ask me if I knew where we lived and I would tell him over and over we live in Granger, IN he would never repeat this info back to me so I felt like what I was saying was going in one ear and right out the other.  Well, guess what he was listening and processing and it stuck!!

And I'm off again to tackle another to do on the list today!