Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Babies grow up...

Warning...the below picture seems to show a little boy who looks like he is 5 instead of me he is just 3 :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Puddle Jumpin'

A couple min. after I stopped recording he wiped out resulting in needing 4 band aids (he gets a little dramatic when it comes to boo boo's and band aids).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Since I'm...

mind you this is at night after always bigger at night than in the AM
Showing...I can't hide the fact that Ian is going to be a Big Brother and Marcus and I will be parents of 2 small people!!

And holy cow, #2 is way different than #1 as far as how I'm showing. With Ian no maternity clothes till about 20wks (helped that my work attire included yoga pants everyday). #2 in maternity by 7.5wks in order to be comfortable.

Ian goes back and forth and hasn't quite grasped the concept that the baby will be coming home to our home and living with us. As he has been playing "baby sister" since Feburary, but his baby sister lives across the street and her mom is Jack's mom (a friend of mine).  We have yet to find out the sex but of course counting down the weeks till that appt.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Still do..

EXIST!! I swear I'm here, it's been a lil crazy.

About a month ago we purchased vinyl fencing (thank you Lowe's for changing suppliers and marking all your current stock 80% off) to go around 3 sides of the pool the north, west and south sides. We will then put chain link on the east side (so we can see into the rest of the yard from the pool area), we will also chain link the entire backyard.  The project was planned to be completed by last week, however as it is with many projects things came up.  Like a cut tendon in Marcus' left thumb resulting in requiring surgery to repair, the weekend before surgery we managed to get 3 panels installed on the north side and every weekend since we have managed put up 4 more panels on the west side, I'm the post hole digger and I'm proud to say I dig 4-5 holes in an hour, once that is complete Marcus takes over with placement and ensuring things all line up and I turn into just the post holder.
Then our fence project got put on hold again for another week when our renter from our 1st house moved out. I swear cleaning never made it onto the "to do list" for the tenant.  So we spent everyday last week at the house. Some days Ian and I were there for 10-12hrs other days about 4-6hrs.  Marcus came every evening after he got off work (the thumb situation also prevents any shifts being worked at the fire station for 3 months so as least we didn't have to battle the house with shifts or else there would have been some all nighters). The one thing that was the same was that every night we weren't getting home till around 10:30 and we ate out every night. Our house turned into sleeping and showering quarters only.  I'm glad last week is over and new tenants have moved in with strict instructions to CLEAN!!!

This week has been spent playing catch up, since I was busy at the other house our house didn't get cleaned, laundry piled up, food went bad in the fridge.

Hoping for a bit more of an exciting post next time.