Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Around here the weather has been PERFECT!! By perfect I mean it hasn't rained (I'm sure others don't like this), Mr Golden Sun has shown his beautiful self for the past 8 days meaning for the past 8 days Ian has been in the pool 8 of those days. 

We have developed a little routine, we run our errands in the AM and home by lunch time we eat lunch outside and then it's in the pool till 4 as which we head in so I can start dinner. This always means nap time is no longer happening, and I can't believe I'm saying this as at one point for about 3yrs I hearted naptime with a passion.  Well, here's what happens if Ian sleeps for even a half hour during the day he is awake at night until midnight or later...that I despise with a passion. Mainly because I am tried I start my day at 5:30a and I'm going and going and going and going until he falls asleep although I will admit I'm sure (actually I know I have, but Marcus has been up with him) I have fallen asleep before him a time or five, yeah I'm human and I require sleep!!

on the left he took a nap and on the right it's going on 12:30a and he is wide awake

Professional Haircut, we received a coupon for a free haircut and seeing as those we are all never paying retail took advantage of this.  It took lots of convincing and a bribe to get him to sit in the chair. Even as we were walking back to the chair he said "can we do it in 5 more wake ups".  After his haircut he said "that wasn't so bad, can we come back in 1 more wake up?"

We visited the Fort Wayne Zoo which was amazing and for being only 2hrs away it was well worth it.  We have been to quite a few zoo's including the Indianapolis Zoo and we much preferred Fort Wayne over Indy. 

One of our County Parks offers a Nature's Munchkins (or something cutesy like that, I referred to it as the class for little people when I was asking where it was held). The day we went was all about fish and the kids got to go fishing (he caught a fish too, just escaped from the hook before we got him), learn about the different fish in fresh water, make a craft and of course enjoy a snack.  Ian enjoyed it and we will look for classes to start again in the fall.
So that wraps up what fun things we have been up too.  The not so fun includes: finishing our fencing project (waiting for the chain link to go on sale), landscape around the privacy fence in pool area, preparing to replace a return line for our pool (turns out one of ours has a crack), replace floor in kitchen, and replace countertop.  I think that wraps up what is currently happening and of course there are tons of projects pending a start date.