Monday, October 21, 2013

to be young...

**this post is late as usual but it's been posted.

3wks post broken humerus  Ian is sling/immobilizer free and back to being a lefty.  Beyond grateful for his resilience, may he always be resilient when it comes to life happenings.

Back to being a lefty again...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This past weekend we loaded up our vehicle and headed south for Shades State Park located about 4hrs south of us. We went camping, and by camping I mean in a tent, sleeping on the ground with raccoons right outside of it.  We went on several hikes which Ian went on every single one too. Which was surprising after our day 1 hike which after looking at the description while we were on it, it read moderately rugged, he over all did a fantastic job with only a few tears of tiredness and Marcus carried him.
who can blow up the air mattress' 1st? Grant won!


playground, hiking and a beautiful view

camp ground life: pay phones, random bad for you food, s'mores, fires and tent sleeping

helping and hand some resting
Got some good one liners of out Ian while hiking: Me: do you need my hand while going down the stairs? Ian: no, thanks I can handle my hand.  Me: more stairs Ian: how many times have we done these stairs?

little boy on a big hike
more adventures and map looking over (this is never a good sign)

Camping was a success, Ian wants to do it again!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another round of firsts

First visit to Med-Point

First time getting X-rays alone (since I'm pregnant I couldn't be in the room with him)

 First broken bone

 Lessons learned:

No matter how close you are or watching their every move accidents will happen and you have no real control over it.

Children are super resilient, it's truly amazing to watch.  He had moments in which he has asked how much longer he has to wear the sling/arm keeper downer contraption but overall his spirit has not been fractured. I would like to wrap him in bubble wrap until he's completely healed.  We are enforcing riding in the cart when out at stores as his tendency to trip is still high and with only one hand/arm to catch himself with is a recipe for injury.  He has no desire to simply sit he is as a toddler should be constantly moving and we find ourselves constantly saying "take care", "that's probably not the best idea", etc.

He was sentenced to 3wks in the sling/arm keeper downer contraption pending x-rays. and 1wk in the sling more as visual to other kiddos to be careful around him again all pending x-rays. He is going to South Bend Orthopedics and seeing the upper arm bone specialist there (because they seriously all practice very particular areas).  And to think he was on track to not meeting his deductible for this yr, oh well that's why we have insurance for accidents like these.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I promise I do have posts in the editing phase they have been written they just need pictures!! Here's what you have to look forward too Ian's first tent camping adventure and our first adventure camping with a little person. Honestly when the child is as good as Ian is its a walk in the park! And the one time Ian broke his arm. So stay tuned and the minute I'm not spinning in circles from my pregnancy remembering to do random things at random times and remembering where the things are that I need I will get those up.  Seriously tonight I spin in about 5 circles in a matter of seconds as I was making dinner and my brain was trying to remember where the items are that I need to make said dinner. It's sad really but it's my reality. So here's to 9wks or less (always shooting for less) till Baby Lane arrives and our lives change forever! And that there folks is a little insight into my brain...