Monday, December 16, 2013


To say Ian has accepted his role as a big brother is an understatement! He is fabulous! Every morning he has asked how baby brother slept, gives him kisses constantly. Has been a big helper, I did hear the following from him when Lane was crying and I was pumping and unable to tend to his cries at that exact moment "baby brother mommy will be here in just a second" more cries and I hear "mommy, baby brother is having listening problems". 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Lane Michael

Lane Michael has ARRIVED!!

One can't arrive without a birth story so here is his. 
It doesn't get exciting until Friday if you wanna bypass the lead up then by all means scroll on done.
Tuesday: ate some eggplant Parmesan and after googling it's believed by the Italians that it's the combo of oregano and basil that gets women to go into labor. Turns out I like eggplant parm. That night for dinner tacos with hot sauce. I went to bed still pregnant.
Wednesday 11/27: woke up still pregnant and tried another food concoction of Mac n cheese and A1 sauce it was gross. Went to my dr appt and had my membranes stripped and was 4cm 80% effaced
Thursday 11/28: had bloody show, ran a 5K, attended Thanksgiving dinners.
Friday 11/29: awake for almost 2hrs with contractions happening every 2-3min lasting for about 45secs-1min. Since they fizzled out it was no concern to me. Did some Black Friday shopping and headed to Five Guys for a meal. I had finished eating and headed to the restroom, Ian then needed to go so back we went. I had the urge to go again luckily there were 2 stalls, Ian then felt the need to crawl under the door to me. As he did this I heard a pop and felt a gush. Sent Marcus a text at 4:40 making him aware of this new development and of course the text didn't go through right away. So Ian and I walked out and I gradually sat down and attempted to give Marcus the "I'm ready to go" look and the "I need to leave here now" look. He then had to look at something on his phone where he saw the message. We were of course at the Five Guys located about 5min from the hospital but had no bags (I in fact unpacked my bag after my 36wk appt in an effort to jinx myself) so back home we went. Got bags, dropped Ian off at my in-laws and headed to the hospital. Arrived to hospital at 6p, get taken back to triage and hooked up had a couple contractions that cause discomfort but could still talk through them. They had to verify that my water in fact broke and I wasn't just peeing on myself for the last hr and 20min. I passed that test!! The hospital OB comes in along with a nurse and an OB person in training (honestly I have no clue who he was or if he was legit but didn't care I will assume he was a legitimate student). They checked me and I'm at 7cm. During this time Marcus and I are discussing whether or not I'll get an epidural. I personally wanted to forgo it as it slowed things down with Ian. Marcus was supporting me in either way he just didn't want to see me in pain. At 6:22 (I only know the time because that is when I sent out the text to keep family informed) we were waiting for a birthing suite. I was giving the option of walking to the suite, wheelchair or triage bed transfer. I choose walking on my own (I have a dislike towards wheelchairs or anything that brings attention to me) we walk into the room (hospital gown and ballet flats make quite the outfit) the nurses (it's about 6:30 shift change happens at 7 so the nurse said I'll get you set up and then we will do a shift change) were getting things set up and me entered into the system. I had a contraction resulting in me unable to talk through it or really stand through it, got past that one and they asked about pain meds again I said no and then had contraction #2 again leaving me walking around trying to find relief and unable to talk through it aside from saying "tell me about IV pain meds". That contraction ended and then bam another one hits this one I announce that I need to push (note they have yet to get me fully entered into the system, they don't know my blood type, they know my name and that last they knew I was only 7cm dilated and that's about it) they check me and I'm at 10cm it's go time! My dr from my office has yet to arrive (come to find out he lives 5min from the hospital I have no clue when they paged him) so the OB from the hospital who looks all of 15yrs old is now going to deliver Lane with his student person over seeing. I have a contraction and start pushing, it took about 4 contractions, I said (possibly scream) 1 naughty word (I never say naughty words at least never out loud under my breath, yes I am human) and sounding like a cave woman (throat was sore that evening and the entire next day) and at one point I said "I can't" (FYI: there is no backing out of labor) to push him out and right around 3 pushes per contraction so took about 12 pushes. At some point my Dr came in and he according to Marcus he just barked orders to the 15yr old. Lane Michael entered the world at 6:49pm (The nurse totally wasn't expecting me to go before she left) he laid on my chest for 2 full hours before they took him to clean him up. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 21" long. It was without a doubt painful but also incredible to feel his body leaving mine. And here we are 2wks later and I can honestly say I don't remember how bad the pain was. But have no intentions of repeating it:)