Sunday, January 26, 2014

2 months

You are now 2 months old. In the last month you have outgrown newborn clothes and 0-3mos one piece outfits (you're too long). You've been eating 6oz every 4-5hrs and at night have started doing 7hr stretches. You went on your first trip to Brownsburg where Grant and Jennifer live and you did great on the car ride to and from. 
This past month has been unseasonably COLD yes it's winter and yes we live in Indiana but we are talking negative double digit temps add in wind chill and it's darn right dangerously cold. Schools have been closed due to the cold temps.
This photo was taken on Tuesday 1/28 at 5:30am.

You my child like to be held, you can be tried and fall asleep in my arms and if I don't hold you for a long enough time (have yet to figure out the magic time) before laying you in your bed you will immediatly wake. Therefore I do a lot of baby wearing. I wear you while making meals, folding laundry, cleaning, disciplining big brother (yes, Ian boy is not always cute smiles and cute one-liners), eating dinner, and pretty much any task that I can manage while wearing you. 
You have been on your first anti-boitic for an infection that I guess you could say was in your sinius, honestly not sure all I do for sure know is that green ick was coming out the inside of your eye and it was swollen and the smallest amt of pressure applied to the inside of your eye would result in ick exiting your eye. So yeah that has been fun.
You eat every 4-5hrs during the day and and night you'll go 5-8hrs. You have had a few too many "old faithful" eruptions for mine and the Dr's liking so you now take a RX to help calm things down. At your 2mos check up you weighed in at 12lbs 6oz and measured 24" long. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

1 month

Dear Lane aka Baby Brother, 

You have adjusted quite well to life on the outside. You eat every 3-4hrs sometimes you will go for a 5hr stretch. You are eating 4oz each feeding some times you eat really fast and other times take a little longer. 

You love to sleep on your belly you sleep so much better and longer on your tummy. If any professional knew we let you sleep on your tummy I'm sure I would be be-headed. Your Dr does know and is fine with it. We are careful and thanks to your monitor we have some peace of mind. 
Other than eating and sleeping you are going trough diapers like a champ!
Your big brother adores you and is right by your side anytime you express (cry) that you have woken up and require a changing and a bottle. Let's keep up the good sleep, eats and diaper changes!! 

You experienced your 1st Christmas and New Year's. 

Love you Baby Boy!!