Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 months


Oh my goodness hard to believe another month has gone by. You have figured out how to roll from tummy to back. You have rolled once from back to tummy. We survived your 4mos sleep regression lets not have anymore of those, ok? It was ROUGH after getting re-acquainted with my pillow for 6+hrs to only getting 4.5hrs of sleep for momma. You are a great eater and after 5mos I think I have figured out your cues, probably just in time for you to change things up on me. Squawking/yelling means you're tried if you have already been fed. When you smile you smile with your entire face, when you're happy you're happy and when you're mad you're mad!! 

I can't remember the last time you took a pacifier it's been at least months. You are content with fingers. I can see 1 tooth making it's way through. You celebrated your first Easter, big brother found your eggs for you. 
First trip to the play area at Notre Dame since the snow thawed. 

I miss my newborn but love each and every stage of watching you grow from being a squishy human to becoming a solid human being. Love you baby boy!