Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello...anyone there?!?!

Gah...anyone there?!?! I know it's been an incredibly long time since I last posted (like 2yrs 😬) so I will do my best to update but will probably forget some things we will fast forward to more recent and go backwards from time to time. 

The good 

Ian is now 7.5 and will be entering the 2nd grade in August.

 1st grade was good to him, he and his 2 other buddies from kindergarten were all separated and were left with togetherness on the playground. Last summer he conquered riding his bike sans training wheels. Started with a swimming club 2 nights a week. Originally we were going to do one season and then do basketball but he wanted more swimming so another season we did. Winter season was over and again thought we were done but decided to go for just 1 more and take the summer off and just swim in our pool. That actually did happen πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ.  I will tell you as a mom of 2 who are basically 4yrs apart in age puts you in 2 different stages. You have your 6.5yr old who understands "we need to eat quickly so we aren't late" and then the 2.5yr old who time means nothing to them purely numbers that mean nothing to them. It makes for very trying nights, thankfully swimming was just 2 nights a week. We are no where near ready for the commitment of 4 nights a week practice and the weekends for meets (honestly I may never be ready for that until maybe highschool 😳😬). 

Lane is now 3.5 and has conquered potty training. 

He spent this past year doing maintenance swimming lessons with Little Fins Swim School 2x a week (we did take the month of the July off as we have been busy). He has conquered the diving board and immediately goes into rest/float mode flips and swims making his way to the ladder.

The struggles: rationalizing with irrational small people. The constant question of "why?" This past year I also got tired of seeing toys going un-played with. I downsized their toys by a storage ottoman full. They haven't questioned where a single toy went. We are learning less is more. We are no where near a minimalist standard of living but we have downsized our belongings in a couple areas and I have changed my cleaning routine to allow for more time to be spent in other areas. Some days are still juggling acts. I like to think that it is completely normal to have such days, it is right?