Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It's been awhile since there has been a convo post.  We have lots of convo's I promise they are pretty short though as he leaves me speechless with his responses like how can I argue with that!!

One that happened this week was Little Fins Swim School is back in town and Ian was swimming with Sis and it was time to rest.  She asked him to count and he refused (I promise the child can count). So here is the convo we had in the car afterwards:
Me: Ian, why didn't you count for Sis when she asked you too?
Ian: Because that is Sis' job to count not mine.
End of convo...

Me: Ian, what are you doing?
Ian: turning the chairs around so you can't see me doing bad things

Me: Ian, you need to eat up please
Ian: eyebrows hurt
Really where does he come up with this stuff???

This question happened last week< I knew it would happen however still wasn't ready:
Ian: how did the baby get in your tummy?
Me: Well, how you do you think the baby got in my tummy?
Ian: it just got there
Simple enough, thank you!!

Those are the ones that have stood out in the last week.