Friday, February 28, 2014

Lane 3mos

Hey there baby boy, you sir I think have adjusted to life outside of mommy. You have from you're first day home slept in your crib. And you are just like your momma in that you are a tummy sleeper, yes that means we went against what the specialists suggest and you sleep on your tummy. This decision was made out you needing to sleep and mommy and daddy needing to sleep. You simply would scream if we laid you on your back in your bed once you have fallen asleep in our arms.  With that being said since your 2mo post you have for the most part slept through the night we're talking 9-11hrs between feedings. You will often times cry in your sleep but once you have your paci or newly discovered hands in your mouth you are content sucking away. Like I mentioned you found out you have hands, you could careless about looking at them as you're more interested in trying to eat them, nomnom!
You have expressed interest in sitting and standing so your bumbo is in use as is the jumperoo.
this video was taken last week:
This video was taken last night, we went from balls of feet to touching the ground to full foot contact.

You eat every 3-4hrs, either from a bottle with mommy's milk or from the tap depends on when you wake up compared to when I did to if we are on the same eating/pumping schedule.  You eat 6-7oz during each feeding. You are without a doubt a big eater, and your growing out of your clothes proves it. You wore newborn sized clothes for 4wks, and 0-3mos sized clothes for 7wks.  You are already 2wks into wearing 3-6mos clothes and you are too long for some of your one piece outfits. You are without a doubt following your daddy's growing pattern. You can be a little clingy at times, I can feed you and you fall asleep and I let your sleep in my arms for a good 20-30min and transition you to your crib and BAM your awake! So back to the chair we go and start over, and sometimes 2hrs later I wake up and we are still in the same chair.  It's ok I know you won't always fit in my arms like you do now, this super unfair thing happens to parents, babies grow up, it's bittersweet, it's a part of life. 

Love you baby brother,