Wednesday, December 26, 2012

say it with a plate

thanks to pinterest I put 2 ideas together and came out with this:

I took a large serving platter and cute Christmas subway art and hand painted it (with the help of stencils) and turned it into 1 pretty awesome piece (if I do say so myself).  This was my white elephant gift for my book club Christmas party exchange and I think this was stolen 2 different times. Needless to say it was high up in the rankings amongst starbucks gift cards as far as popularity.

I also did personalized some that can be displayed or used year round.
these 2 were for my bosses/owners (my friend and co-worker Lauren did the Murphy one)

this one is for my Grandparents

For my cookie plates that I make up I took boring white ceramic plates I also used some red plates too and personalized them by painting on the recipents last initial, thus something they can display or serve food on after the holiday season. See below for a picture, I only remembered to take a picture of the red ones.

Here is a travel mug I did for one of the childcare providers where Ian goes (her name starts with "E").
Here's a little bit of what the process looks likes (since I was the DIY-er and photographer I have no pics of the painting process):

Photo by ashzare

All items are dishwasher safe and safe to serve food on after a coat of toxic free shellac was applied.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas card this year:

We took over 95 shots to get these 4. We also had to pay our model with treats as he would do everything we wanted him to do before we were ready for him to do it and since little people don't really perform on cue we did what we had to:) I love how it turned out, Marcus was the brains behind the concept and I was the putter together and wording person.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ian Sayings

To say kids say the darnest things is an understatement.  We are constantly being entertained by what comes out of his mouth.

-While laying in bed I said we just to close our eyes and he said "my eyebrows are closing!"
-You crackin' me up
-You real funny
-I got a cough in my mouth
-Asked how he got so funny and said "its in my mouth"
-That makes me sad
-Somethin' bothering me, what's bothering you? Pee (as he is having an accident)
-I want give you a big hug
-You got your hands on driver which while in the car: you have your hands on steering wheel
-Ian talking with Jennifer (his aunt but we kinda deleted the whole aunt and uncle thing in our family) that's my daddy but my mommy calls him Marcus
-Lousy zipper (earlier in the day Poppy was having issues with his zipper so my guess is he picked it up from him)

Here are some convo's that I've had with Ian recently:
Ian Something stinky in here.
Me: what does it smell like
Ian: like dogs snoring

Ian: your car stinky
Me: what does it smell like
Ian: like crocodiles

Convo with Ian about what he did one day while at Shele's, the week before they played babysitter and Ian was found laying in a baby cradle with a bottle in his mouth and covered by his blankie Alice was obviously the baby sitter.
Me: what did you play today
Ian: we played school
Me: oh yeah that's fun we're you the teacher?
Ian: no Alice teacher I school guy I put on my pack back and say hi to people.

Ian: I love you so so much, you stay home with me?
Me: Yep tomorrow Buddy!
Ian: Yay, I like when you stay with me. Daddy stay home too?
Me: Sorry Buddy he's got to work
Ian: but I like when you and daddy stay home with me
Me: I do too, you'll get both of us this weekend though.
Ian: ok I love you good night
Me: Love you too

Ian may not tell you I love You when you walk out the door every morning but when you least expect it he will say it.  Like to his Nana who was getting his coat zipped up he leaned in and said "I love you" which hit her sweet spot instantly.  Or we could be in the living room and he will walk up to me and say "you know what I love you"

When Marcus was renovating the bathroom Ian walks in and says (with no prompting from anyone) "thanks for new bathroom daddy, I ike it"

And lets end this post with some Ian pics, because honestly pictures make reading doable at times.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

After a costume change Ian was one excited little boy to be able to "scare" people!  We ventured out on Saturday 10/26  (note I started this post on 11/1) to visit with his Grammie and Papa Jim and then onto Nana and Poppy's while there we also got to see Uncle Dwayne and Andrew.  On Halloween Ian had a party at the sitters and by the end of the day he was over his costume and was more into just staying at home.  Although around 8:30 or so he said "when we go trick treating?", ahh next year buddy.

he didn't want his picture taken

playing with his farm animals

still not a fan of picture taking

party time at Michele's


Dress up this season

This past week I and my sister were given an opportunity through crowdtap and Old Navy to add a new dress to our closets.  Since we live a good 24hrs (if you don't stop driving) away we had to go alone, which meant we were thankful for modern day technology of camera built into our phones as well as texting.  I did take Marcus and Ian along for the adventure but they honestly didn't care which one I picked.  So I had to work with what dresses were in stock and in my size.  Downside to going near holiday's selction is low.  So had to make due, had they had more of a selection in my size I would have gotten one I really wanted instead of settling (we did go to a different Old Navy and their selection was not any better) for the one I did get.  My sister also went solo hence the self protrait she went with Old Navy's Fit and Flare style.  And I went with Old Navy's sweater dress style.

My sister and her pic

myself and my pick