Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Ian boy, last night (we will pretend I posted this on 12/31) was the last night you will ever be a 3yr old. Amazing how much you have changed, grown and learned in a matter of 365 days. And in the last 4wks (since becoming a big brother) you have done the most growing/changing this yr. So proud of you!!  Had your 4yr check up and well dude you weighed in at 32.5lbs and 40.5" tall.
Let's do a check in of sorts:
Eating: you are still super picky and since baby brother has arrived you have gotten your way with the dinner menu more times than I would like. You are also not the quickest eater (more on that in another post).
Dressing: you dress yourself you pick out your own clothes and if it wasn't for a little bin I keep in the basement next to the dryer you would wear the same 3 shirts EVERYDAY!! Therefore I hide them so that the other 36 shirts in your drawer get a chance to be worn. You prefer jeans over cotton pants or athletic style.
End of September you broke your arm and so you started taking showers instead of baths. You go through spurts of wanting to shower or take baths all that matters is that you're clean.
And here's a video of you sharing with us what you like:
you like to have dance parties:
Love you Buddy (sorry this update took mommy forever to do)