Friday, April 11, 2014

Lane 4 months


Holy cow hard to believe a year ago this month you were conceived, on March 31st I took a pregnancy test that told us you were inside me messing with my hormones and energy level.  At your 4 month check up you weighed in at 15lbs 5oz, 26" long with a head circumference of 16.5". You are in 9 month pj's as your feet are too long for 6 month pj's as well as your legs being to long. You are LONG, but strangely enough you have the same stats as your big brother Ian did at 4mos yet he did not have these clothing issues. You drink 6.5oz every 3-4hrs and you typically go to bed between 8-10a and will sleep until 7-8a unless you've had your shots and then like Monday night you went to bed at 9:30p and woke up at 8:30a stayed up for about 2hrs and back down for a nap.  Let's see you drool a lot, you suck on your fingers (a lot), could careless about having a pacifier because well you have fingers.

You like to squawk at us

We love to hear you laugh:
And the jumperoo is still a favorite: