Sunday, September 22, 2013

this time compared to last time

I know I know I didn't hold up my end of the deal of a new post at least once a week. This one here is happening when I'm suppose to be cleaning my floors. But hey what's the point, the floors just get walked on by dogs and humans and they are bound to end up with hair and dirt again on them within 5min of me dumping the mop water. Anyways onto the post.

I didn't blog while pregnant with Ian so I'll recap ya on my pregnancy with him:
At 6wks pregnant (didn't know we were pregnant) we hiked the tallest mountain in TN which was around 15miles round trip and also did other hiking but compared to the 15miler everything else wa s considered to be a "short" hike. Renovated our one and only bathroom meaning business was done at restaurants and other measures not so pretty ones were taken (luckily it was only one weekend we were toilet-ness). And I of course worked out on a 5-6 days a week and 5 of those days usually involved 2 workouts a day (they weren't hard, hardly broke a sweat).  I ran up until Thanksgiving which is my normal cut off day but I was maybe running 2-3x a week depending on the week.  I experienced zero morning sickness (Marcus was disagreed as I did throw up in the car while driving through the mountains in TN but folks I totally blame motion sickness as all we did was drive in circles going up a mountain). I did have some nausea if I didn't eat enough before taking my prenatal vitamin. Never had heartburn, swollen feet or hands (wore my wedding ring the entire pregnancy and delivered still wearing it).  I was what the Dr's considered to be a boring pregnancy until about 34wks then things got "exciting" had high blood pressure and started effacing and dilating. Was instructed to take it easy (I still to this day have to figure out what that means for me), week 35 check up and blood pressure was still up and I was still progressing. Week 36 check up and blood pressure was still and I was 80% effaced and 2cm dilated, was sent to the hospital (before I went to the hospital from my 36wk check up I asked the Dr if I should set up my apt for next week and she said "we will be seeing you in labor and delivery before next week")  for observation to see how my blood pressure reacted when laying down. It of coursed went down and I was put on partial bed rest (I didn't have to lay in bed I could shower and minimal up and day) so with that after 2 days my water started leaking. And approx. 12hrs after being admitted Ian was born, I did have an epidural but it ultimately slowed my progress DOWN way DOWN!!!  I asked for the epidural when I was 6cm and by the time I got it I was 9cm and that was around 4am and Ian didn't enter the world until 8:30a...nuff said.

This round so far: ran a 1/2 marathon at 5wks, helped installed vinyl fencing I dug all the post holes using a manual post hole digger (Marcus cut a tendon in his hand and had to have surgery so I took over that part of the project) and together we installed the posts and the panels. We started a kitchen renovation and the goal is to have it completed before baby arrives (it is at a holding point currently until the project manager (Marcus) has about 3 days clear in his schedule to remove the old drywall and install new and remove tile floor and install new).  Did some landscaping all around the inside of the vinyl fence/pool area and part of the back side. We also removed and transplanted landscaping rock where we planted the plants by the fence. Went camping and by camping I mean in a tent with no electricity at our site but there was a comfort station with electricity, showers and potties!! We hiked at most 3-5miles a day. I have been working out 7 days a week I run between 12-15miles a week and do strength training as well all on my own all at home (or out on the road for runs or treadmill). I'm currently and 29wks and so far everything has gone exactly how it did with Ian. I will say this baby moves a heck of a lot more than Ian did that or I'm just more aware.  I start this week with appts every 2wks and the current birth plan is no epidural see above for the reasoning.  I progressed perfectly fine and pretty quick up until the epidural entered my system.

So kinda of a boring post but good for me to have to look back on.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

jumping in

Ian has finally started jumping in the pool from the side.  He randomly asked one day if he could jump in. Now, in the past he has jumped in but one of us had to be in the pool and it took lots of convincing. So, the random question of "can I jump in?" was answered with a clear big YES!!! He still has to work on entry but I love that he has decided to do it on his own. Maybe next summer he will be super brave and jump into the deep end...