The People

There are a few key people that make it into posts on a very regular basis.

There's Marcus my husband since Aug 12th 2006 and the love of my life since Sept 29th 2001 (our 1st date). He is employed at local bank and serves as the operations manager of 2 branches. He's also finishing up his probationary period with Clay Fire Territory. He is a very handy guy who likes to learn how to do new things. He handles all home renovations as I play director and vehicle maintance.

Then there's the one person who this blog is basically centered around and that is Ian you can read about his enterance into the world here, here and here. But if you don't want to read those then I'll give the aberevanted version. Orginal due date Jan 25th 2010 (was on bed rest for a couple days) actual due date Dec 31st, 2009 he was 3.5wks early, spent 4 days in the NICU and is a thriving, happy, toddling boy.

We have 2 dogs Dakota and Lexus who are both rescued dogs from shelters very rarely get any blog time at all.  Dakota who we call Kota Dog was a wedding gift to me from Marcus and Lexus was a foster dog my sister in law and her hubby fostered and I had to have.  They are both great with Ian and will let him identify their eyes, ears, feet, etc without a problem.