Tuesday, May 31, 2011


5yrs ago this month we purchased our 1st house and to say that was scary would have been a huge understatement.  I think I'm good at buying things and but I'm really good at having buyers remorse and returning them.  However I don't think the bank, seller or title company would have understood "after 30 days we don't think this is the right house, can we exchange for a different one?"  So, we said when we bought the house that this was out 5yr house.  Well, since we don't have a crystal ball and can't predict that the housing market would crash and the chances of getting what A) what we put into the house (new flooring, kitchen sink/counter, partially finished basement, new bathroom, new garage door, and the list goes on) or even B) we paid for out it back out of it.  We came to terms that we would be in our house for another couple years and that would be fine.  That does mean expanding our family beyond 3 is also on hold (for those of you who have been thinking it's time for us to become a family 4).  

Now, this all doesn't mean that we don't talk about what we want in our next house by any means.  We both have wish lists and as usual mine is longer:)  We are both willing to compromise in some areas and others absolutely no compromising what so ever, don't even try to touch the school district, garage, more square footage or bathroom those are non-negotiable.

2 baths or more
attached 2 car garage
3-4 bedrooms
different school district
more cabinet/counter space in kitchen
bigger and more closets
in-ground pool
more square footage over all
open floor plan

brick ranch
different school district
more square footage
2 baths
pool or hot tub
good size yard

When we talk about square footage our dreams aren't too big as of right now we live in 790sq ft, yep 790 we are talking the size of a cracker box here folks.  So even 1000 is more than what we have.  We have learned to adapt and host parties/gatherings at my parents house.  So I guess when it comes to square footage we would like enough room to entertain without guests feeling like they are packed in like sardines.  We would like our next house to be our forever house so enough room to raise children in comfortably and then become **cough cough** empty nester's without feeling like we are surrounded by a ton of space that we now have to manage all on our own as our children will have chores while under our roof.  Some day our wish will come true we just don't know exactly when till then we will have monthly goodwill purge sessions to avoid being labeled hoarders. 

Happy 5yrs of homeownership!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

workout pants

Last Saturday I posted about the dress I got for free and the workout pants I was going to be getting for free thanks to Crowdtap.  Well, my coupons came in the mail Monday and I got busy getting them into the hands of 3 great girls.  Today was the first day they were valid so off to Old Navy Ian and I went.  If you recall I had already in my mind which ones I wanted however the store didn't have them in stock in fact they were on clearance and only had a size 2x.  Yeah that's not gonna work, so onto searching.  I took 3 pairs into the changing room and got to business.  I orginally wanted pants but after some thought I decided to increase my summer workout wear selections.

I ended up with these (now, I normally don't take pictures of everything I get new but pics are a requirement for crowdtap so whatever I'll do it, thanks to selftimer I was able to "model" all by myself) :

Saturday, May 21, 2011

dresses and workout pants

Remember when I wrote about free stuff here well in the past 2 months I have got this:

Dress from Old Navy for FREE

and at the end of this month I will be getting these:

Old Navy

or these:

Old Navy

It doesn't matter which one I pick because they will be FREE thanks to Crowdtap which is a site where consumers and brands collaborate.  On the site you are asked what they call quick hits, and then there are actions that you can tap into.  It's super easy doesn't take much time at all and you can also earn money not only for yourself but also for the charity of your choice.  When you are picked (after submitting an application) you receive 4 coupons 1 for yourself and 3 for friends.   I just got confirmation that my packet was sent, I'm super excited to go into Old Navy and pick my workout pants out and hand over the coupon as payment!  If you too are interested in earning money for charity, have about 2min a day to do some quick hits, enjoy the opportunity to earn FREE stuff then I encourage you to go here and start tapping!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I love how he swings his around and then attacks me

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This morning Ian had his Upper GI we survived the 6hrs prior without any food.  He did wake up at 6 (his appt wasn't till 9:30a) very upset and when I brought him out to the living room he walked into the kitchen and was standing next to his highchair wanting to get in and pointing to our pantry.  I got him distracted with his toys for a while but that only lasted for about 15min.  The sun was up and the temps were mild so we got changed and hit the road for a run.  That adventure brought us to 7:15ish, if I could've I would have ran till 9 and then gone but who wants a sweaty mom in their room.  He did end up laying down till it was time to leave for his appt.

We of course get there on time and we of course are left to wait till 10 we have now made it 14hrs without food or drink.  Luckily Ian was in a great mood, we finally get called back 45min after our appt time.  The tech that took us back got Ian's sippy all set to go while I got Ian change into a little gown (pictures are on my phone), the tech left to get the Radiology doctor and said to hold off on letting Ian have any...really you're now going to tell a 16mos old who hasn't had anything to eat or drink for now almost 15hrs who just saw his cup that he can't have it. Thank you!  Radiology guy comes in we chit chat and then he gives Ian the go ahead and drink up.   But of course Ian gets drink shy and can;t drink while strangers are around staring him...so the radiology guys go out in the hallway and wait....my thought is why couldn't they give Ian this beverage while we were in the waiting room then we could've go back into the room gotten xrays and been done.  But whatever Ian got about half of cup down and they went ahead and started the xrays.  I have to hold down his upper body and the tech guy held down his legs they took xrays from the front and back Ian was a trooper.  They saw no reflux so now I will wait to hear something from our Dr.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cozy Couping

Papa Jim says that if you can't drive backwards you shouldn't drive at all...

license please!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

no improvement

If you recall a couple months ago I introduced you to Picky Pete and well folks nothing has gotten better. The only way Ian will eat meat is if it is pureed and mixed with a good veggie like sweet potato. I can't tell you how many times a week he has chicken or turkey mixed with sweet potato and we are talking stage 2 baby food. It's a really good day if I can get him to eat stage 3 and I won't even go into details on how we accomplish it, just picture a circus act going on and that is how. And he won't even eat stage 2 really good unless I'm the one feeding him. Which, hello I work 3 days a week! So after numerous frusrating meals and my mom feeling like a failure on the days she watches him. Which mom your not a failure at all!! I called the doctor's office in search of some tips. Now, I know kiddies go through picky stages but this I felt was way more than just being picky. Some may say that he's fine and it's just a stage as long as he is growing.. But in my mind I don't think he is fine, I'm concerned if he is getting all the nutrients his body needs. He still wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle which tells me he is not getting what he needs throughout the day to make it through the night.

Our doctor has decided to send us to a Upper GI specialist. My 1st reaction was wow that seems a little intense and after talking (texting) with some friends I decided to do a little research and then question the Dr on his decision. Which I of course prefaced with I know the Dr said we need this but...really I mean he doesn't vomit, he is very regular when it comes to stinky's and he doesn't have any of the other symptoms that the internet says YOU NEED AN UPPER GI.  Gah...I love google.  But the nurse assured me that we need to see what is going on and this is a way to do it.

So next Tuesday @9:30 my boy will be having an Upper GI conducted.  I have no idea what to expect and I think I'll leave it that way.  I know he can't have anything to eat or drink 6hrs prior to the test and I know where we have to go.  Marcus is going to try to go in late to work so he can join us but it may not be possible, we will see. If you think of it on Tuesday or day leading up to it to send God a post-it note for us we would appreciate it.

from the movie Bruce Almighty