Monday, August 17, 2015

Lane 18mos errr...20mos

Good golly can you say we've been busy??? Poor Laner's buddy I will attempt to recreate the past couple months for you. Let's see you have grown and learned new words. You're eating has taken a nose dive but you're still growing so apparently you're getting what you need. You like to be outside, you like to jump in the pool, play in the sand at the beach or swings set, swing on the swing set and pretend to drive the gator which has turned into actually driving without the steering part. Your first 2 word sentence was "stop it" your first 3 word sentence was "I want that" both fitting for being a second child.  

This summer you have experienced a lot. In May we went to Duck, NC in the Outerbanks with Ma, Grandpa, Jennifer, Grant, daddy, mommy and Ian. You got discover the beach which at first you were not a fan but quickly learned to like it. 

 Got another round of swim lessons under your belt with Sis. Got to go to the dunes not once but twice. Got to spend 4 days with your cousin Levi while at the dunes and got super sad when it was his turn for a buggy ride and as they drove off you said "I want that" and your little bottom lip stuck out due to the amount of sadness you were feeling. 

Mommy took you and Ian back up to the lake a few weeks later 

In a couple days a big change is coming to our house. Ian starts kindergarten which means for a good 7hrs it's just you and me Laners.  Although you will nap about 3 of those hours 😉. 

Love you Laners!! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lane words

We have words and lots of them in no particular order. 
E- Ian
Anpa- grandpa
Tookie- cookie

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lane 15mos

So somewhere since the past post Lane you turned 15mos old. You learned how to walk. "Your" vocabulary is growing daily and you can sign "more and eat" two very important signs in your life. When you wake in the morning while I'm changing your diaper you are constantly signing "eat".  You sign it the whole walk to the kitchen, while I'm putting you in your high chair, basically you sign it until food is in front of you.  

You can smile for the camera 

You are ornery and keep us on our toes!! And we say "Lane Michael" at least 5x in about 20min. 

You meet your cousin Levi and became fascinated with his drool and took it to be your job to get it. 

Which Levi being here also means you took swim lessons with Sis and became a natural at floating. 

You go bed to nightly at 7p, usually wake around 11 in need of some snuggles and again around 2:30 and wake up for the day anytime between 7-8a. 

We go end of this month for your well check! 

Love you Lane Michael!!