Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Plate

The past 4 weeks Ian has started making "happy plates" (clean plates) both at the sitters and at home.  Now, in trying to figure out what brought this change on (I know I know stop thinking about it, this is what you have been wanting to happen for 18+ months) I have come up with 3 thoughts: 1) I've become a platable chef, 2) he's tried of always being hungry and only being offered carrots or 3) going through a growth spurt. Now, we'll use the process of elimination can't be 1 as cooking hasn't changed nor has the take out menu options, could be 2 as well as 3.  Seeing as though 4 weeks ago Ian could stand under the counter over-hang without a problem and now well 4 weeks later he no longer fits under the counter I'm going with option #3.  He has outgrown all his 2T pants in the length dept. He is by no means digging head first into each meal, in fact his average meal time is 1hr, I wish I could say he is taking his time enjoying the meal that I slaved over all day.  But he just likes to take his time and take some potty breaks along the way.

We still rotate through the same meals each week. But I'm becoming less an less of a short order chef. On evenings in which I know I'm flying solo through dinner time I make it easy on myself and make things that I know will be a success. We also use the "either eat what is on your plate or go to bed". Now this works when at home but its a little harder when eating out. He will sometimes choose to go to bed and only a couple times has he in fact been super sleepy and slept till morning. 90% of the other time he re-thinks his options and decides to join us in eating.

Last week Marcus measured him and he is 36.5in tall. To compare when Marcus was 3 he measured 39in tall. I looked back to Ian's 2yr check up and measured 35.5in so we'll see what the next 3mos hold in the growing dept.

Duck Feeding

Took Ian to Notre Dame to feed the ducks. 

                                   Trip 1:

*Note we were on our 3rd bag of bread, we were just seeing if there ducks that weren't being as social.

Trip 2:
Before feeding the ducks we went on a 3 mile run (which is 3 trips around the lake, which means circles, which I DISLIKE). When we were done running Ian got out the stroller walked to the ducks with his bag of bread and said "I come back duckies, time to eat".  Once his bags of bread were gone he proceeded to push the jogging stroller and said "I gonna run and be icky like you", I was quite the sweaty mess.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Z House Funnies Edition 6

Now that talking occurs 14 out of the 24hrs Ian is awake we have a lot more funnies.

-Convo between Ian and I about dinner (he considers veggies to be mixed veggies that include: corn, carrots, and green beans. And well carrots are just that):
Me: Ian what would you like for dinner?
Ian: not veggies, just carrots.
Me: ok got it, no veggies just carrots!

-Backseat driver while on bike ride:
Ian said "be careful, car comin' momma!"

  • I knockin' on you- he literally has hand shaped in the knocking position and it literally knocking on us 
  • I laughin' on you- anytime he is laughing at us
  • I don't like it (said in the whinest of tones, before even trying whatever it is)
  • You say me- you tell me
  • I don't have big muscles- said when he can't do something or say a certain word

-While out bathroom rug shopping I laid a rug out to get a full view and was told "no, not my favorite mom"

-Ian set the table:

portion control taken to the next level and 1 spoon for all 3 of us

-At the sitter they were asking the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Michele (the sitter) tossed out ideas and she said Ian looked at her with a quesical look and said "no, I Ian!".

-While Ian does his business on the potty I usually hear:
"wow big one, mom"
"tiny one, momma"
"I farted"
"I pushin' hard, mom"

Ian has started to dress himself and if I don't set clothes out the night before well we end up with outfits that look like this:

The shoes he has on he refers to as his work shoes


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I workout...

My child may have witnessed me doing my exercisers in the AM a couple times and has created his own routine.  Actually 2 routines, with one having some cardio involved each are around 1min.  The ast video you can add to either the 1st or 2nd video.  Go ahead and follow along, I know you have 2min:) *seek doctor's approval before starting a new workout routine. **Results not guarunteed