Monday, April 25, 2011

adult supervision required

We had 4 adults to 1 child and my child ended up having one blue leg, one blue hand  (He looked like Chevy Chase from the movie Vegas Vacation) and got spend about a half hour pantless while his dried.  Marcus ended up with one blue shoe, sock, and a slightly darker shade of blue jeans on one leg.  My MIL ended up with a green strip in her hair and myself ended up with a speckled blue foot and one blue pocket on my coral hoodie. The floor has a nice blue spot now too.  My FIL was the photographer and then the spot cleaner guy.  And all the eggs are colored however they have a few cracks on one end.  Ian has yet to pick up on the term gently and he wanted a close up view of the blue cup.  Hence everyone having some blue on them.  Good news all the blue came off our skin and clothes (we used Shout as soon as the incident took place).  The floor not so lucky good thing my in-laws are planning on replacing it this spring/summer.

The result of our egg coloring experience...

Friday, April 22, 2011

25 random random facts you never cared to know

But now you do (if you keep reading). I love finding out random little facts about people so I figure I would share some of mine with you.

1. Running/working out/sweating- the whole thing, I love it

2. coupon clipping-still getting the hang of it

3. Marshalls/TJ Maxx-Umm...I like deals

4. dislike paying full price for clothing/accessories items (see #3)

5. wearing lots of black, not in a goth kinda way but in a black makes me look skinny kinda way

6. tanning once a week- yes I know the harm

7. using the same pen until it runs out of ink

8. drinking 80oz of water before I allow myself to have any of other type of liquid

9. been to 28 of the 50 states -I count states that I have consumed food or releived my bladder in

10. consider waking up at 7:15 to sleeping in- seriously thought I would never say that

11. when going down to our basement to do laundry I have to have shoes on my feet, there is no way I am going down there barefoot or with just socks.

12. guilty of vacuuming the area rug anywhere from 2-4x a day when home

13.taking apart the entire couch and washing the cushion covers every 2 weeks and the covers we have over the cushions every week

14. Dislike dog hair which is why I do 12 and 13 so much

15. Everytime I buckle Ian into his carseat I give him a kiss and tell him I love him-wacko momma right here.

16. clean floors (see 12 and 14)

17. dislike being the last person to wake up-makes me feel like a slacker (see #10)

18. before indulging in treats I think ahead to how I will feel afterwards and how guilty I will feel and usually then I won't indulge.  Except when it comes to Oreos I only feel happiness after eating them:)

19. Always drive at least 5 MPH over the speed limit

20. Never the first one to open a snack/treat and the never the person who eats the last one

21. There is always a spoon in my purse

22. Big fan of routines and list writing

There you go a glimpse into some of my OCD tendencies and other weird stuff. What are some random facts about you??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heavy load

This is Marcus' Tonka truck from when he was a wee lad

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

he shoots...

He scores (and you have to turn your head sideways)...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Please let me introduce....


This child is beyond picky he is down right resisted to food aside from grapes, yogurt, peanut butter (depending on the day), cereal bars, bananas (depending on the day), celementines (he likes to suck the juice out), Cheerios, sweet potato fries (had to force feed him those and we got the response back of mmm...), tator tots, pizza and puffs.  So thank goodness for v8 fusion juice and I'm back to buying baby food. Yes the same girl who made all his food. I may start making it again we still have yellow squash, mixed veggies and cauliflower in the freezer.  So maybe I will take the lonely sweet potato in the veggie basket and turn it into baby food for the boy. I have resorted to buying baby food (easier to donate jarred food than food frozen in ice cube trays)in the hopes that one day soon he will go back to his earlier days in which he ate a larger variety of foods on his own or that he taps into the eater he is at the sitters.  Where at the sitters he eats chicken, fish, veggies, meatballs, etc.  Seriously frustrating, I did mention it to his Dr and at this time we are considering it a phase.  I dislike this phase oh so very much and I do hope he is out of it soon.  The above picture is what he looks like after his dinners, I have found he has to be occupied in order for me to sneak the spoon in.  I think on most nights I end up holding a lid between my teeth he then balances things such as an extra spoon on the lid as he is busy doing this I take advantage of his mouth opening when the spoon is near he swallows and opens for me.  It's quite the exhausting production just for him to eat a half jar.

If anyone has any tips please pass them my way.