Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 months

It's that time again Ian you are another month older.

So here it is another run down of what new and exciting things are happening.

*You get your helmet today. We will leave it at that for now.

*Baths in the big bath tub, we said goodbye to the infant tub. My cousin in-law was saying that they use a handtowel or washcloth to prevent a slippery butt. We stole the idea but will at some point remember to buy a bathmat or slip preventers for the tub.

*you are not picky when it comes to the temperature of your bottle you will take it room temp or straight from the fridge. We put the coffee cup away that we always used to warm your bottle. I have to say that is the most use our coffee cups have seen.

*you eat every 5hrs and sleep about 8.5-9hrs at night (which last night you slept for 11hrs). This month you have tried and loved nectarines and chicken (although you are very picky as to what is mixed with your chicken so we are playing around with your combos)

*you move all around in your crib (you never roll over in the crib though) and never wake up in the same position we laid you down in. You get that from your's truly:)

*drool production is at an all time high, it hasn't produced any pearly whites so far. But I heard the longer it takes for your teeth to come in the straighter they will be...oh who knows though you come from a long line of metal mouths.

*clapping, you have figured out that if you put your hands together they will make a noise. And at the sitters you discovered that if you hit your leg it too will make a noise. However Michele had to step and restrain you from anymore leg hitting as you were developing a red mark on your leg. You loved it so much.

*you went on your 1st airplane ride and you were a super duper traveler and overall adjusted really well to the time changes.

*you are really good at sitting up, yet you haven't figured out how to get yourself in the sitting position.

(I haven't figured out yet how to put the pictures from 1mos to 8mos altogther to show his growth)

I think I remind myself 10x a day that technically you just turned 7mos and don't do the samethings other babies your age do.

Monday, August 30, 2010

San Diego Part 1

This past week we hit the road then the air for a getaway and headed to San Diego, CA. If you recall here I mentioned that my dad was headed out there for his biannual (is that a word?) anyways his union conference that takes place every other year. And well seeing as though we had yet to visit the great state of Cali we took him up on his offer for us to join him, my mom and my sister there for a few days.

We stayed here, if you have never used vrbo.com before I suggest you look into before booking your next stay at a hotel. Anyways, my parents arrived on Sat the 21st, my sister arrvied late Monday night and we were to arrive late Tuesday. Well we arrived uber late on Tuesday due to a 2+hr delay in Indy. Fun times, Ian was a trooper and made friends wherever we went (who can resist a toothless, drooly smile and the laugh of a baby?).

He did great on the flights, yes flights. We flew from Indy to Dallas to San Diego. Security was uneventful, it was interesting to see the differences between secrutiy at Indy and San Diego as I was on edge as they were handling my liquid gold and testing it (no, I don't do anything crazy to my milk) I was concerned that they would drop a bottle before putting the lid back on. All they were concerned about was the milk and water bottle. Enough with that nonsense on that let's move onto the fun stuff

Day 1: I awoke around 7 SD time which is 11 back home (I can't tell you the last time I ever slept past 11 in the last 4yrs). Did my pumping, workout and shower while Marcus feed Ian then he showered and we hit the streets for a walk and exploring the area for a bit. Upon return my sister was presentable after her workout and shower so she looked up how to get to Balboa park so we hit the streets again and well her directions got us to a playground but not Balboa park and Ian was asleep by the time we arrived as well. So back to the condo we went as my dad was done with his stuff for the day. We hit the streets again in search of an eatery for lunch before adventure #1.

Adventure #1: We rented 2 tandem bikes, a bike trailer and a beach cruiser through Groupon. Once we found the bike rental place (which was an adventure in itself as the name of the place was no where to be found on the building) they informed us they only had 1 tandem. Lovely, my thinking all along was that my parents and Marcus and I would get a tandem and my sister would get the beach cruiser and pull Ian in the trailer. Well...instead I pulled Ian in the trailer and was stressed to the max. The bike rental people gave us directions on how to get to Mission Beach and well they forgot to inform us that we would be crossing a uber big bridge in which cars are just feet away going uber fast. So there I am trying to remember how to ride bike and learn to pull a trailer and in the meantime I've got Marcus and my sister behind me worrying the crap out of me about keeping the trailer on the sidewalk and making it up the ridiculously big bridge. I'm also laughing at myself trying to make it up the bridge in which I simply stop moving altogether and have to walk the bike and trailer up the rest of the way. We made it to the beach and Ian got to get out and visit the ocean he loved the water, the sand the whole thing!!

After our beach adventure, we loaded back on the bikes and Ian wanted no part of it. He cried the whole time and not just a wimpering cry but a get me the HELL (yep I said it) out of here NOW cry.

If anything he was our warning signal that we were coming through and if you are in our path you better move. We continued on for a little while and then it was best if we got back to the car ASAP. Needless to say that bridge was not going to get the best of me on the way and it didn't, those couple spinning classes came into use as I gradually built my speed to make it up without a problem!!

We headed back to back to the condo, relaxed a bit and got cleaned up for dinner and adventure #2 for the day.

Adventure #2: Padres baseball game at Petco Park against the Diamondbacks. I'm not a huge baseball fan but actually enjoyed it.

Ian got a bit fussy as he was still unsure of the whole time zone change so my sister took and and walked with him till he fell asleep although I really think she used him as bait to snag herself a guy. She denies it and maybe she is right as I was not told of any successful guy snagging. The Padres won and that wraps up day #1 and adventures 1 & 2.

Stay tuned for day 2 & 3 and adventures 3 & 4 & 5.

Monday, August 23, 2010

In 8mos we will be...

celebrating Marcus' completion of the Clay Fire Territory Academy (no, I'm NOT pregnant). That is pending the completion of 425hrs which includes classroom time, station time, ER time, and Medic time. Which translates to 425hrs of single parenting. This is a sacrifice I'm more than happy to make as we move towards career happiness for Marcus.

To say that civil service is a family tradition is pretty true for us. My Poppie H (my dad's dad) is a retried Indiana State Trooper and boy does he have some great stories. My Poppy W (my mom's dad) retired from Clay Fire after 40yrs of service and he has been a witness to the many steps and leaps that the department has taken over the past 50+yrs. My dad has been on the department for 30+yrs (longer than he and my mom have been married). My cousin is also on the department and his brother is also going through the academy with Marcus. So, to say that our family is familiar with the lifestyle is a very true statement. I say bring it on...I'm ready (I think)

To those that I asked to keep us in your prayers, I say thank you! Now keep us in your prayers for the next 8mos

Saturday, August 21, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall...

who are you and what did you do to me? I was in the fitting rooms at Macy's this past weekend and took in a pair of jeans with me. I went in with the intentions of seeing what size I was in as all my pants, shorts, and skirts all come off without unbuttoning and have to have a belt or else I risk lookin' like a fool with my pants down. I tried them on and wouldn't you know I loved them, they fit great and were comfy and of course not on sale. Which translate to they are not going home with me. While in the fitting room I was looking in the mirror and thought there is no way that is me in that mirror. As we were missing some curves that appear in my mirror at home.

I'm pretty sure department stores have special make you look skinny mirrors. As we have all been there we have tried something on looked in the mirror and loved the way it looked so we buy it. Get home, try it on and look in our mirror in disgust and try to figure what the hey happened between the fitting room, purchasing, driving home and trying it on again. My mom was in the fitting room across the hall so as I discussed this with her via our seperate rooms I could hear all the other ladies in the fitting room area saying "yeah" and giggling. Which I called them all out on which resulted in more laughter. This post was by far pointless and you have just wasted about 30 seconds of your life. Your welcome!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

guests vs theme vs colors vs time vs location

WARNING...WARNING...I'm totally thinking out loud and my thoughts are rather all over the place. Good luck trying to follow along.

In no time we will be celebrating the 1yr mark with our lil mister and I would be lying if I said I haven't thought about it. Marcus and I are still in the talks of who would be on the guest list. Will it be strictly family or family and few close friends but then where do you draw the line in the "few close friends" category? Will we have 2 separate gatherings of his family and mine due to crazy work schedules?

The next topic is do you have a theme? In which then not only does your decor and cake revolve around the theme but then so do your invitations and then all of sudden because your invites have a monkey or elephant on them every gift is then a monkey or elephant. Or do you just go with 2-3 coordinating colors and have it? When I mentioned the colors idea to Marcus he said "like green and red" always looking for a deal always.

Next on the docket is time. Mid-morning, afternoon or evening? Seeing as though a)it's New Year's eve and b)my dad has to be to work by 7p (to allow some youngin' to go off and party the night away) I'm thinking mid-morning or afternoon. We could do a brunch or we could do lunch or we could spoil everyone's afternoon and do it right smack dab in the middle of the day and offer snacks:) I've heard of others who have new year's eve babies that they do a early afternoon gathering and when it turns 12p they throw confetti and blow blowers and all that jazz. Now, that might sound like fun for maybe a child that actually has a clue as to what is happening but I really don't see it for a 1st birthday. Can you picture 20+ adults all waiting with so much excitement for the clock to turn 12p?

Location is also something we have thought about and oh yeah mom and dad it's more than likely going to be at your house. Why? Well seeing as though anymore than 3 adults in our house would put anyone who is claustrophobic into a panic attack of dry heaving. It's best we have it were people can roam freely without feeling as though they are in the Line Backer (during a home game weekend) trying to get back to their group after getting a drink from the bar.

In case you didn't follow I'm trying to figure out what to do for Ian's 1st birthday.

What did you do or plan to do for your child's 1st birthday?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

best decision ever

4yrs ago today we said "I Do"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

fixin' the flat

We heard back from insurance and yes I will more than likely being going over my minutes this month due to being on hold for a total of 70min the other day. Over the course of those 70min I think I spoke to someone for all of 3min and was told to call back the next day (Tuesday).

Well yesterday (Tuesday) they called me and told me their decision. And that is that they won't cover because Ian's head is not severe enough. Oh and the first time we heard back from insurance and they said no because it's experimental/investiongation that was for the scanning procedure. They think you should instead take a ruler, yes the long straight stick located in your laundry room or hall closet to get the measurements. Seems very accurcate when you are trying to measure a head that has some roundness to it. Both items are being appealed.

Ian has his molding appt. next week in which they will take a mold of his noggin and send it down to FL. where they will make the reshaper. And when we get back from vacay it will be waiting for us.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Alright if your on facebook then you may have seen some of your friends posts that they have checked in somewhere it's called foursquare. Now, I'm trying to figure out the purpose of this tracking app. as I feel like I'm following a UPS package, but alas it's a real person that is being tracked.

By being on FB we are already putting ourselves out there. We have all seen the news someone posts "headed to the concert" and someone sees this knows where they live and yep they break in. So now with foursquare someone could do some major tracking and be able to figure out your daily routine know exactly where you work, workout, eat, shop, etc and before you know it you are a victim. Because not only does foursquare say you've arrived somewhere but they also supply you with a map with your said location.

What are your thoughts on this human tracking app?

Monday, August 9, 2010


Basically any toy they each had the other wanted

Nicholas showed Ian how he does a face plant

Ian offering comfort to Nicholas as he too is familiar with that trick

Nicholas likes to talk with his hands

Ian doesn't beleive any of it though

Saturday, August 7, 2010

jump around

door trim has been installed temporarily just so our lil boy can jump. Spackling and painting the living room and kitchen (or at least the doorway area) has been put back on the to do list.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I admit...

It's time for some confessions on here.

I admit to the following:

*using Ian's exersaucer as a my cup holder when he's not in it. I'm dreading the day we collapse it and pack it away because he has outgrown it.

*being ready for fall, I mentioned this to Marcus this past weekend and he said "no, you just want to wear your fall wardrobe" yep he knows me.

*Football season to kick off, when you live in a college town that bleeds blue and gold it's hard not to get football fever.

*Usually in route to changing Ian's diaper I will take a peek to see what it is I'm up against. You never know when you move onto solids what you're gonna get.

*Excitement explodes from me when I think about cake pops I will be making these for tailgates, holiday's, Ian's b-day, and pretty much anytime in which I hear the words "bring a dish to pass".

*Seeing the movie "The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid" and even laughed at certain parts.

*To being the proud owner of a orchid color camera (Marcus insists it's pink) let me remind you again it was a GOOD DEAL!!!

*That if given the choice of a skirt or shorts to wear I will pick the skirt.

*Often thinking about disowning our dogs.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Stella Rose

Remember when I wrote about this.

Well...how about we don't waste anymore time.

Miss Stella Rose, the newest addition to The Leonard house

I have yet to meet Miss Stella I took the picture from FB.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Are we really only 5mos away from being 1? This past month has been just as fun and great as the last 7mos.

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

*bye bye infant carrier hello convertible car seat, you're loving the extra room to stretch out. Only now when you fall asleep on our way to wherever it is we are headed we have to wake you:(

*you have discovered how to stick your tongue and blow it's very cute except when you have food in your mouth and the food comes flying at me.

*standing and jumping and on our laps is one of your favorite things to do. Even when we are carrying you, your legs keep moving.

*You rolled over on Thursday 7/22 once in the AM for me and once in the PM for daddy. You have since rolled over everyday from your tummy to your back. You're right on track for your gestational age.

*we try to go in your pool on my days off and weather permitting, you love to splash around. This love for splashing in the pool has transferred to the bath tub

*you are still a great baby, don't get me wrong you have your moments they just don't happen very often.

*you love your food so far you have had: butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini, asparagus, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, strawberries, bananas, peaches, spinach, apples, yogurt, plums, and apricots.

*the skill of sitting has pretty much been mastered, although you have yet to figure out how to get yourself in the sitting position without assistance. And every once in a while you do tip over or forward. You do love a good sit though.

*you are capable of reaching for us and things, when you are in your stationary entertainment center (aka ADD training center) and crying (due to sensory overload) we will come to you and you will stick your arms up for us. When on the floor with your toys, instead of going to your toys you pull the blanket that the toys are on to you!! Smart boy.