Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mr Ian you are 3mos. I'm going to protest to blinking or glue my eyes open as this is happening way to fast.

*No well visit this month so we're esmitating your weight. Last week I weighed myself and then weighed myself with you and there was a 15lbs difference so whether that is wrong or right you are for sure growing. And you are about 25in long. So since you have arrived into the world you have more than doubled your weight and grew about 6in.

*you've been sleeping 7-8hr stretches for the past 4wks or so. If you do wake up it's because you are cold or got your arms out of your swaddle and shook you

*you are a smiling, giggling, cooing little baby boy

*you like to look in the mirror (just like your momma)

*tummmy time is still not your favorite time but your tolerating it better

*you like the jogging stroller all you do is mostly sleep when I run but when you are awake you're busy taking in your surroundings and fresh air.

*you've committed to those 6oz of milk every 4hrs like a pro. It's amazing to look back and think we use to get excited if you ate a 1/2oz without falling asleep and now you can drink 6oz in your sleep.

*tears, that's right you started producing tears when you cry. (so sad)

*you sit in your bumbo like a big boy, looking around taking it all in

*we still don't have a set nap time or a real routine, aside from you eat every 4hrs during the day. And that is perfectly fine with me.

*you are able to fall asleep with our without your paci which makes me wonder if we will be losing all your pacis in the very near future.

*during bath time you no longer need the infant hammock and you sit in your tub like a big boy.

*you love to stand on our laps, were in the process of buying you a walker/exersaucer thingy so you can have you legs dangle on push on the ground.

*you're pretty much constantly moving, very rarely do you sit still. You squirm like a worm.

*You are an absolute joy and

Here's some pictures from the past month.

This is what happens when you hang out with Daddy while I go on a run alone:

3mos Buddy

Monday, March 29, 2010

this is all you get

Points, because I can't wrap my mind around any one thing at the moment.

*We swaddle Ian but in the middle of the night he'll wake up and I'll check on him and his head and face are cold. Poor baby, we are going to have crank the heat up for him.

*It's suppose to get into the high 60's this week and that excites me. We need some warmer temps although this means some people are going to breaking out the sandals without getting a pedi first.

*Ian gets to celebrate his 1st Easter and we're getting him a basket of breast milk actually scratch the basket he has a whole deep freezer full of milk just for him.

*Speaking of milk only 37 wks left of pumping which also excites but also saddens me because that means our lil guy will be 1. GAAH...I can't think like that so I won't.

*Aunt CiCi's coming to visit in June which means we will start swim lessons, so she'll only be here for a few days it will get us started and she can teach me what i need to do with him. I have given swim lessons to older kiddies but not ones who can't sit on there own yet or talk back,mmmm...I think I could like this.

*Only 10wks left till the 1/2 marathon that I have yet to register for.

*This week we have to tackle our childcare issue. Today Ian is spending the day with my grandma as my grandpa had to go work the corn fields. Although he did invite Ian to ride some piece of farm equipment and Ian's response was filling up a diaper for him:)

*I also have to go bra shopping once again, it seems I have leveled out. Dreading this again. Although I did try on all my swimsuits and we are good in that department.

There you go, a little glimpse into what is happening in my mind today. Which, ever since giving birth my mind is all over the place and you can completely toss the idea of having a memory or time mangement abilities out the window cause well I'm pretty sure I delivered that as well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

still happening

I have been doing this workout DVD for about 9wks and it still kicks my butt every time!!

I must admit I do get bored with it but I overcome the boredom and get a great workout. I've noticed my arms are trimmer, leg muscles are stronger, and if I get a magnifyingg glass out I bet I could see that my mid-section is a little (very little) more defined still no 6 pack but maybe if I look close enough I might have a mini 1 pack.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

perfect situation???

Well we thought we had everything figured as far as childcare goes. And then today happened. I picked Ian up from the sitter and the phrase "I need to talk to you about something" came out of her mouth and my mind starts racing. She tells me that she has some health and personal problems and she doesn't feel as though Ian would be safe at her house and that we need to start looking into a different situation. So our search starts once again.

What we had arranged with her was that she would watch when we needed her to and we pay for what we need. This worked out perfectly as some weeks my mom would be available to watch 1 day and Marcus' parents another leaving us only needing her services once that week. Perfect, right?? Well it was for us, as we don't need someone 5 days a week and it seems that others in the baby business of watching require all 5 days.

We do have family but we don't want to wear them out. Marcus' parents are retired and apparently plan to do some traveling this summer and my parents well my dad is a working bee who I don't see retiring anytime soon and they love to travel when he's not working and with summer approaching they will be spending a lot more time at their summer place. I have 1 set great grandparents here in town and the other set are full time snow birds. My great grandma in town offered and again we don't want to wear family out and make them feel as though they can't enjoy being retired and doing whatever it is they want to do when they want to do it.

So, if your in the michiana area and A)know of a good sitter who is looking for a part-time kid or B)in the michiana area and need child care for your child 5 days a week let me know. I told Marcus maybe this is a sign that I'm suppose to be a stay at home momma?!?!

Monday, March 22, 2010

up and coming

*2mos shots (I know I'm late in getting these this is the soonest they could get us in)

*a trip to goodwill, I transitioned my clothes this weekend out with the sweaters and in with the tank tops, shorts and skirts. Which also means goodwill is getting some great outdated stuff. Is it bad that I still have clothes from highschool? I can still fit into them they just aren't very fashionable anymore.

*Easter which means a trip down to Indy

*we will have a 3mos old living with us

*flowers and plants which I know really nothing about will be popping up

*work in SB is moving locations (we've been kicked out of our current location as they are probably going to demo it)

*1/2 marathon is just 11 short weeks away

*budget, Marcus and I will soon be sitting down and working out a budget so our debt can disappear and we can start saving a down payment for our next house

*now that spring has arrived, home improvement projects will be put back on the to do list.

Just a few of things that will be happening in the coming weeks. Some I look forward too while others I could pass on.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

you wore that

A few yrs ago for Christmas my mom got my dad a machine thingy that you can copy vhs tapes onto DVD which both my sister and I thought would be great. Well we are now retracting that statement as home videos are also being converted. Which in turns means we are seeing what we wore and how our hair was done. It seems the camcorder was released into stores when I started dressing myself, lovely. When my sister last visited we watched a DVD that my dad had converted and oh my we cloudn't wait to turn the thing off. It seems back in highschool I had this brillant idea to take clips from all our home videos and make 1 video with music behind it. Good golly it was awful. My sister and I made Marcus watch us and he too was embrassed of my school project and of my haircut. Not sure what was happening with the hair but it was pretty bad. Nothing like being a kid born in the 80's I guess.

I find myself with our camcorder thingy making sure to only use when Ian is dressed cute which is everyday but still. Although I'm sure when he's in his 20's and is watching home videos of himself he too will think "what were my parents thinking having me wear that?". But oh well it comes with the territory I guess.

Friday, March 19, 2010

pure bliss

This past 7 nights everyone is our house has slept through the night. The 1st night I think I still woke up around 2:30 and made sure his monitor was on. He has this fancy dancy monitor that will set an alarm off if he stops breathing. Downfall to the monitor if Ian does wake up in the middle night and I get him out of his crib and forget to turn the monitor off the alarm goes off and everyone is awake. I do enjoy a full night's sleep however in the morning my chest feels so heavy and when I sit down to pump I can get over 5oz from one side in a matter of 5min. There's some morning I wanna pump before I pee. But come on we all know one must pee first.

Thank you buddy for being such a good sleeper at night unlike your mother. The first night I ever slept through the night according to my Aunt J was when I was 18mos old and it was the night of my mom's accident. Which I will go into another time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning, I was getting myself and Ian around to leave the house and decided to take a few extra minutes to have a convo with Marcus since he was in a talking mood (usually our convos are one-sided with responses being mostly grunts he's not one much for mornings). Who knew those few extra minutes would be saving mine and Ian's life. Ian and I were headed to the sitters we came up to an intersection that was being blocked by a police car and a police officer was directing traffic meaning we would have to detour to get to our destination and also meaning that there was an accident. Had I not taken those few extra minutes Ian and myself would have been going through that intersection around the same time the accident happened (they were in the clean-up and reporting phase). I'm thankful I took those few extra minutes this morning. Everything happens for a reason, you just never know the reason till later. I can only pray for those that were involved and hope the best for them and their families.

Monday, March 15, 2010

giggles and smiles

That's right we have a baby boy who is full of smiles and giggles (do boys giggle?) It's so much fun making him smile and laugh and it's over the simplest little noise and the slightest touch of the cheek.

We're working on getting the giggles on video. It seems just as soon as we turn the camera on the giggles and smiles stop. Camera shy I guess. We will get it though.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's been awhile since there's been any randomness so here goes.

*I went an entire week without witnessing anything that left me speechless while driving. I did have a close call yesterday with another lip locking while driving couple but they were able to contain themselves.

*I thought I had figured out how have Ian sleeping through the night but my plan backfired last night. But the night before I gave him his normal bottle and then 2hrs later gave him a half bottle and he slept from 10:15-5. Did the same thing last night and no such luck. O well try again tonight.

*Just realized that our house is missing something that other people would consider to a staple item and that is a coffee maker. Now that doesn't mean Marcus and I are coffee snobs and only drink Starbucks we are the exact opposite in that we don't drink coffee at all. I've never had a hot cup of coffee and neither has Marcus. Now, about 4yrs ago I would get a cold something from Starbucks but only every once in a while. But I start my morning off with at least 2 bottles of water.

*Everyday when I leave for work I get real nervous as the neighbor drives this:

No big deal right it's just a brand new Lexus. Well the problem comes in because our driveways are attached, yep we live in the city. My nervousness comes into play because when I back out I basically have to drive in our grass to avoid getting to close to make all the lights on her car from going off. And once I get past her car I then have to deal with this:

Her fiance's car. So before I even get out of the driveway I'm all tense and in need of a massage. Luckily I have made it out just fine every time only making the lights go off on the girls car about a dozen times. oops.

*Remember how last week we saw the sun everyday for 8 days well it's gone now and it's raining. Which means spring is just around the corner. YAY!!

*GAH...mother's day will be here before you know it. Which also means Marcus' b-day will be here too (May 8th). I went out this past week to see what's out there and some ideas for my mom. It's tough to buy for someone who when they want something they go and get it. Now, for Marcus because his b-day always lands near mother's day I'm going to try and celebrate his b-day for the whole week by making each day about him and make his favorite meals or get take out from his favorite restaurants and what not. We'll see I may throw that idea completely out the window. We are on a budget and I'm not sure how much is in the celebrating department.

*It looks like in August we will be taking Ian on his first plane ride to San Diego. My dad has union stuff to do and we (my mom, sister, Marcus, Ian and myself) will tag along we are his entourage. 2yrs ago we all went to Vegas (minus Ian) which all of us except for Marcus had been there so we did a lot of "you gotta see that and this". But for San Diego none of us have been there so we will be doing lots of exploring and my sister and I finally get to mark California off our list of states we have yet to visit I think only 16 or 17 more to go and we've been to all 50.

*What do you all think about Alli being the next bachlorette? Was that her intentions for leaving in the first place, to cause drama and we all know how ABC likes drama? I intend on watching even though every season doesn't go the way I think it should. I admit I'm a sucker for reality TV, what can I say.

Well I think that is enough randomness and ramblings for 1 day.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a little paranoid

I'll admit I can be over paranoid about things.

Last week I noticed that Ian was getting a flat spot and then all I thought about was Marcus telling me about a person from the bank whose daughter had to wear a helmet because it got to the point where changing their head position and doing other stretches wouldn't help it even out.

Then I read the updates on what your child should be doing each week developmentally. And one of the things is following objects and well Ian not quite there yet.

On Tuesday I couldn't take it anymore and called the Dr. they got us in today and the Dr. said that the flat area on Ian's head is from the way he was in my uterus and it would even out without any problems. And the vision thing is due to him being early and that instead of his skills being of a 10wk old some are that of a 6wk old. He will catch up but it will take time. I can now breath easier knowing that all is going to be okay. While at the Dr. they checked his weight with his clothes and shoes on and he weighed in at 13lbs. Just a little over 2wks ago he weighed in at 10lbs 12oz in just his diaper. Needless to say I'd say he is getting what he needs.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Now if you've ever ran before when the temps are a bit a chilly then you know that when you start your hands are cold and then as you get going they warm up. So you start your run with gloves or mittens on then part way through your hands are sweating like crazy and you would like to remove your hand gear but now you have to carry them until you reach your destination. Which isn't a big deal but kinda annoying. Well, for Christmas a few years ago I received the most useful Christmas present from my sister that I still use today. A running shirt, this is not your typical running shirt though this is the most intivative dual purpose running shirt I have ever seen. It has built-in mittens, and the all important chapstick pocket or I guess you could put your house key in the pocket too. Onto the shirt itself as words can no longer describe it's amazingness (is that a word? oh well I don't care it is now).

Notice hands are showing:

Notice hands are covered:

That's right the shirt has built in mittens. Just like they have long sleeve onesies with the attached mittens to keep babies hands warm and prevent them from scratching their faces. Well they have them adults minus the onesie part I think that would be a tad bit uncomfy. Now the sad news, I have yet to locate another one. This one is from Target and I never saw it at our store but my sister found it at her store down in Florida. Please Target bring this shirt back:).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There are so many times thoughout my day that I wish I could be like Samantha from Bewitched and twitch (or whatever it is she does with nose) and have accomplished whatever it is that needs to be done. For example: it's the middle of the night and Ian is awake and in need of a bottle I wish I could twitch my nose and the bottle would be warmed up and ready when we are. Instead, I get Ian out of bed go into the kitchen put the cup of water in the microwave, wait for it to finish warming the water up, take it out of microwave and put bottle in water to warm up. Then we head back into Ian's room where we change his diaper, get him put back together and head back to the kitchen where the bottle still isn't quite ready but he'll take it anyways cause he's hungry!!! Another time I would like to twitch my nose is for the dishes we don't have a fancy dancy dishwasher, making dinner. Pretty much any activity that I dislike, don't have time for or takes too long. I was gonna put a little video of Samantha doing the twitch thing but I'm lucky that I even got this post completed. So if you wanna see it check out youtube.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This past weekend has been wonderful (didn't take any pics tough), the temps got above 40 both days which in Indiana means bring out the ballet flats and put the coats away.

Saturday, I took Lexus on a run with me and also started to tackle cleaning up the yard of the dog's droppings from this past winter. Later in the morning Ian and I hung out I had a friend come over with her daughters too meet Ian. Marcus had plant duty at his uncle's house which is about 25min away so he made the most of his drive and had lunch with a friend and then worked on his new to him hard top for the Jeep. Later in the day Ian and I meet my mom at Target to do some bummin'.

Then Marcus had made arrangements for his parents to wartch Ian so we could have some much needed couple time. It had been over 9wks since we had gone out just the 2 of us. We dropped Ian off and headed to Olive Garden where the line to get in was out the door. Why is it that Olive Garden always has a line? Instead of waiting we headed across the street to Bar Louie for some good food and time together. We finished up there and headed home to take a nap without having to worry about Ian. Before we went to pick-up Ian we headed to Yesterday's in Granger for some dessert and if you are from the Michiana area then you know Yesterday's has some delightful desserts (moderation or portion control are not in the owners dictionary I'm still enjoying the dessert 2 days later). We got them to go and also got Marcus' parents some too (we paid our sitters with dessert, wanna babysit??) We got to their house enjoyed some dessert and headed home.

Sunday, brought another day filled with sunshine which took me back outside to the yard. I think I only have to make one more trip out there and I will be caught up. My dad stopped over to pick up the bassinet as we were done using it so that also meant rearranging things in our bedroom. Dakota was happy as her Lazyboy chair was brought back into our room for her to sleep on. Other than that we hung out around the house and enjoyed not having to do anything or see anyone (we sorta look forward to anti-social days as we both have to be very social during the week at our jobs).

Ready for another wonderful weekend oh and we are on day #8 of having the sun shine:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Speechless AGAIN....

Yep it happened again I got to witness something whlie driving that left me completely speechless and upset. This time I was talking to Marcus and I look to my left and see 2 people in the car next to me with the passenger holding a baby in her lap!!! So I quickly get off the phone with Marcus and scan through my phone looking for the non-emergency number to turn these people in and I couldn't find. Oh so upsetting, really people you thought that was the best idea???

Needless to say the non-emergency number is promptly going into my phone!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The past week has been filled with some firsts.

*I went for my 1st run of 2010 and post baby and it was oh about 26 and then a wind chill factor on top of that so it was cold.

*Ian sat in his bumbo

*Took Ian to the mall

*took Ian on his 1st run in the jogging stroller. (i think if i train for the half pushing him when race day comes i'll be able to fly)

*I was on TV (more on that another time)

*I bought and ate oreos (it had been over a yr since I had one)

*survived our first family get together since Ian arrived

*Ian survived the 1st of many photo shoots produced by family with his cousin (it's actually my cousin's son so my 2nd cousin and I don't know what he is to Ian)

Ian and Nick they are 6 days apart with Ian being the older one. If this went as how the Drs' predicted they would go back in June Nick would have been older by a month.