Sunday, October 31, 2010


We have entered the double digits for the 1st time.

And this past month you have stayed the night away from our house, you stayed with your Grandma Z while mommy was in Chicago for work and daddy was fixing the Jeep. It just worked out better this way. You didn't sleep as well for her as you do for us, but it was your 1st time.

You also got your 1st antibiotic this month, you'd been having a snotty nose and cough and I went with the "we'll let it run it's course" and well 2wks later you were still really snotty and coughing. So, we went and saw Dr C and he gave us some amoxicillian as you had a sinus infection and amazingly enough you started sleeping better, eating better and over all a much happier you.

You started waving, now you don't do it on command. But rather whenever you want too. On Thurs. 10/21 you waved for the 1st time: I was getting your next meal around in the kitchen and you were talking and when I turned you were waving. So darn cute!!

Talking: you talk up a storm and you have mastered your motor (sticking tougue out and blowing). You've yet to do this with food in your mouth (thankfully), we play games of it and you think it's the greatest thing ever. Your Aunt Jennifer worked with you on giving high fives, you will only give them to me when I'm holding you. I love it!!

Teeth: you have 2 teeth on bottom and 1 on top that is currently in the moving in process, which means only 17 more to go!!

Bathtime is a favorite of yours. We wash your hair and then wash you down. I then let you play in the tub till the water goes away. During that time you chase Mr Quacker's, Hippo and your cup around the tub and splash!!

Food is still a favorite of yours, you've yet to turn anything away. You drink 5-4oz bottles throughout the day. You usually go 4-5hrs between feedings. You snack on cheerios, puffs and fruit in your infant feeder and some very diluted Gerber juice. We also share a banana most mornings.

Napping: you typically take 3 naps a day, and go to bed around 8:30. As of lately you've been waking up at odd hours very unhappy and at times only daddy can get you to calm down.

Activeness: this past Monday 10/25 you crawled for the 1st time. We were skyping with your Aunt CiCi so she got to witness a FIRST for you. Which was pretty exciting, I wanted to get a video of you in action so I put toys in the 4 corners of the area rug and set you in the middle and well you did NOTHING...NOTTA...ZIP...ZLICH...ZERO movement except onto your belly so you could pull up the edge of the rug. Finally 2 days later I got proof, it only took our other camera for you to have something interesting to crawl too.

Now that you are mobile you go straight past your toys to the cords, not sure what the big deal is but you love them. Which means I've had to start telling you No and use more of a stern voice when saying it. It's hard not to want to laugh because you are so darn cute.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

week 6 & 7

So I'm a little behind in this, hoping that we leave the helmet at the office on Monday which puts us at 7wks and 6 days of helmet wearing. We will see though.

This past week we have gotten more questions and reactions then in the past weeks. On Thursday I was asked
Lady 1: Oh did he fall?
Me: Nope
Lady 1: did you drop him?
Me: No, he wears it to help reshape his head
Lady 1: oh, with a look of confusion on her face

Experienced lady 1 and 2 about 5min apart.

Lady 2: oh he has seziures?
me: no, he had a flat head
lady 2: oh wow it's amazing what they can do now

Today while tailgating, I would notice as we passed people they would look/stare and I could hear them say things such as: how cute, that's awesome, oh so sad, did you see that baby???, oh (with a sad tone). Needless to say it has been an adventure and I would do it all over again.

Photo Shoot

At the end of last month Ian had a photo session with the great Brittany Knox from Knox Photography. She is always so great with Ian, helps with wardrobe changes, feedings, snuggling etc. She always incorporates our vision with hers and Ian has always cooperated as well (he lets us know when he's over a wardrobe or scenery). Ian is a natural behind the camera and knows when to turn his charm on.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I like to be crafty and tap into my inner Martha Stewart. When my craft bug comes out Marcus usually becomes a little concerned. As he usually required to assist in some way if he doesn't want any injuries to occur.

I've made mosiac coasters, mosiac framed mirrors (hey, I had materials leftover don't judge). I made all of the favors for our wedding. I like crafts what can I say. Often times I will walk into a gift shop and see something and then see the price tag and think I can make that myself and there is no need to pay that price for something I can do myself.

I made this a few years ago and Marcus was required to drill the holes for the ribbon. I offered but he quickly took over.

I also enjoy to crochet which for Marcus he is just required to wear what I make him. His co-workers have told on him though as he never wears his scarf into work. He would wear it when he left the house and then apparently once he was away from house he would strip himself of the scarf. And if you recall back when I was on bedrest I started taking apart his scarf. So maybe this fall I will work on making it into a hat as when I asked Marcus what I should make out of it he said a hat.

I started last night and well...after having about 5 google windows opened trying to figure it out I went to youtube. I got the 1st row figured out now I just have to perfect the 2nd row, needless to say Marcus can probably expect to receive a hat by next winter. As when I make anything new I tend to take it apart at some point and start over mostly because after about row 5 I finally figure out what it was I suppose to be doing in all the other rows. When I first started to crochet I think I made the same scarf about 3x until I deemed it good enough to wear in public. Now, I know I could take a class but really do I want to sit around with a bunch mature ladies as we discuss chains and gait?? No, I much prefer to figure it out on my own and ask for advice from others along the way. Heck I taught myself how to do from following pictures in a book, there was one set of instructions that my aunt had to come over and assist me with but other than that on my OWN.

Ian and I went to the store yesterday to do some pricing on a Christmas gift idea and while at the store we strolled the aisles and I got a idea for this years Christmas tree. Something simple but yet it will add a little something to the tree. Also got some other ideas that I would like to try when the time is right. So till then you can find me with a ball of yarn and a hook when I'm not cleaning, cooking, tending to Ian's needs, or until another book is picked for book club.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

I had to take out a few small un-surpervised children so Ian could get his turn to put his head in the hole
Which one so many to pick from
Sounds so researched
A hay spider
on top of the hay spider

Tractor drivin'

ready to decorate
needed some guidance

getting the hang of it
all done
so pretty
and then it rained and the washable paint washed away
he'll have to paint again this week