Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lane 10 months

Laners!!! You are now 10m old and super silly!! 

You still army crawl, you have figured out how to pull yourself up and you discovered the toilet paper. You have figured out how to clap.

You are in 18-24m clothes an size 4 diapers. You keep us busy by showing us what all needs to be baby proof. You have 6 teeth, you love food and your fingers (only suck on those right now to fall asleep). Speaking of sleep you sleep through the night and it takes you 4min to fall asleep after you have shown us your cues that you are ready.

We did learn at your 9m check up that you are both lip and tongue tied (so is your brother it turns out). In Oct we will be having both lip and tongue clipped for both you and Ian. 

You are learning so much and your little brain is working on overdrive keeping up and you jut want to practice all your new tricks. I miss my squishy newborn that you were but babies grow up and there is no stopping you so we must embrace each phase. Love you little baby boy!

It was no easy task getting your 10m pic here's the outtakes 

I have videos to add but haven't taken the time to upload to YouTube to post.