Tuesday, January 31, 2012

snow fun 2012

A couple weeks ago we headed outside for about 20min of fun in the snow.  But not before we tested the sled out inside, ate, pestered snuggled with the dogs, and napped.  He was in his pj's all day long, when we went outside I just put his snow pants and coat over his jammies as well as his boots, I like to keep it simple.  Actually that is a lie and but I let practicality take over this particular day.

ha just realized the year is wrong, this is snow adventures "2012"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swim Lessons with Little Fins Swim School Week 4

Ian received swim lessons from his CiCi (or sis as he has changed her name too when in reality her real name is Marci and for short we call her Marcc (with very soft "c's") for his Birthday with Little Fins Swim School (CiCi's business) she is up north for the month of January to conduct lessons not only for Ian but for about 18 other families in our area.

Week 4: just gotta say these 4 weeks have flown by!

Day 1: Today Papa Jim came to watch!  Ian continued to have excitement and has embraced the lessons he has learned.  He has a strong kick and knows when he needs to roll over and float to rest.

Day 2: The calm before the storm (day 3 is the storm).

Day 3: Today was a big day, kinda like a test day.  Lessons started off fully clothed: pants, shorts, hoodie, socks, and shoes

As you can see in the video Ian did exactly what he learned roll over and float until help arrives or until he has rested to roll back over and swim to the side.

Day 4: no negative side effects from yesterday's lesson of being fully clothed.  He continues to trust his Sis and the lessons and has great instincts.

Day 5: last day, we can now get into the pool from the side solo.  My plans are to get him into a pool at least 2x a month to practice what he has learned these last 4 weeks.  Happy instructor with a happy swimmer who is getting the water.

Week 4 videos:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swim Lessons with Little Fins Swim School Week 3

Ian received swim lessons from his CiCi (or sis as he has changed her name too when in reality her real name is Marci and for short we call her Marcc (with very soft "c's") for his Birthday with Little Fins Swim School (CiCi's business) she is up north for the month of January to conduct lessons not only for Ian but for about 18 other kiddos in our area.

Week 3:
Day 1: Despite not being in the pool for 3 days the excitement was still there!! Ian continues to do so very well. Continues to follow directions very well. He's gotta work on resting for longer though.

Day 2: Ian throws his hands up in the air with excitement when we pull into the driveway for the pool. That makes my heart happy!! More floating and more swimming, his kick is getting stronger which is a great thing. Today he sat on the side of the pool and got in, this is a small step in giving him the know how of if he was to fall in what to do. And he did what he was suppose too, swim a little and roll over to float. Still need him to rest longer though.

Day 3: I was unable to take him today so his Ma and G-Pa took him.  And the report was he did good, Sis had him work a little harder today which he was not a fan of.  But it's good for him!

Day 4: Ever since day 3 of week 2, the 10min seriously FLYS by.  Instincts are kicking in and the boy is figuring out what he has to do in order to save himself if for some reason our safety barriers fail.

Day 5: we have a lil fish on our hands.  Once he's in suit and CiCi alright Buddy your turn he is headed for her arms before she is completely ready and has caught her off guard a couple times.   I'm so pleased with how well he has adapted to the lessons.

Here is video from week 3:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swim Lessons with Litte Fins Swim School Week 2

Ian received swim lessons from his CiCi (or sis as he has changed her name too when in reality her real name is Marci and for short we call her Marcc (with very soft "c's") for his Birthday with Little Fins Swim School (CiCi's business) she is up north for the month of January to conduct lessons not only for Ian but for about 18 other kiddos in our area.
Week 2:

Day 1: no tears until it was time to get in. He continued to do well with everything that was asked of him. His screams are simply for attention. He can be drama at times:)

Day 2: I got in with him and he did well. Got him to splash and smile all at the sametime. The thing that my sister has learned is to get him and other kids like him not enough time to think about what they are doing.

Day 3: Holy cow who is this kid??? He walked from to my sister who was in the pool without any hesitation. Not a single wimper of dislike, he splashed, he kicked his little legs, he floated and he swam.

Day 4: again did wonderful and getting so good at kicking and floating!!!! Now gotta get him to float (rest) for longer periods of time. he gets impatient and wants to roll over and swim more. The 10 min now goes so much quicker than when he was screaming the entire time.

Day 5: no lessons due to prior engagement not only for us but also for the instructor.

Week 2 Video

Swim Lessons with Little Fins Swim School Week 1

Ian received swim lessons from his CiCi (or sis as he has changed her name too when in reality her real name is Marci and for short we call her Marcc (with very soft "c's") for his Birthday with Little Fins Swim School (CiCi's business) she is up north for the month of January to conduct lessons not only for Ian but for about 18 other families in the area. 

Week 1:
Day 1: it took the 2 of us to get his swim diaper on.  He was not thrilled at all he continued to say "done, all done" throughout the entire 10min session but never refused to do/try anything.  He swam from CiCi to the ladder and from CiCi to the gutter.  He also worked on rolling over and floating on his back.  That evening I told him we would be going to see CiCi tomorrow and he said "yea Ci, pool, ducky"

Day 2: as quickly as we got into the pool area he wanted to get out. But he pulled up his swim diaper and went in kicking and screaming.  He never once refused to do anything CiCi said, he often times had his face in the water before CiCi was ready.  Worked on swimming to side of pool at an angle,  rolling over and floating.

Day 3: he had the same feelings about the pool today as he did on day 2.  But again was a trooper, worked on more floating, and CiCi mentioned serveral times that he is very touchy meaning when laying on his back floating CiCi supports (guides) and wherever her hands are he reaches for them.

Day 4: no tears till it was time to get in. Worked on swimming to CiCi's fingers and more rolling over and floating.  Gotta get him to do airplane arms and not hands behind the head relaxing arms.

Day 5: same response to the pool as Day 4. Floating was on the books for today.  He did better and floated for a seconds all my himself.

Here's is video from week 1:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

Wow, it seems like Christmas was a long time ago but it hasn't even been a month.  We celebrated 1st with my family on Christmas Eve at my parents, Christmas morning at our house with just the 3 of us, and then Fri Dec 30th with my in-laws at our house.  Ian was a great present opener, he got the hang of it very quickly and was quickly became the resident gift opener for his Grammie and PaPa Jim.

Here's an album from our days of celebrations!

Hope you all had a Mrry Christmas!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2nd Birthday

On Saturday (Dec 31st) we celebrated Ian's 2nd birthday.  We kept it small (if that's at all possible) but we kept it to grandparents, great grandparents and immediate aunt's and uncle.  Served cold cuts and big thanks to our local grocery store on telling me how much deli meat I needed.  Made chocolate chip zucchini cupcakes and because it was a recipe I had never tried I got worried and therefore got a box mix and made more. Overkill quite possible, but wanted to be safe!

And here's an album of his day

He had a great day and I was in my pj's by 6:45p, Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

December wrap up and January to do's

I feel like a lot has happened this month it could because of vacations, holiday's and birthday's all occuring this month. But it's time to look back and see what all got crossed of the list and what was added and accomplished.
November Leftovers
Layout photo collage for wall in living room

Christmas shopping/DIYing - this without a doubt got crossed off here's what I DIY'ed all are inspired (or copied) from Pinterest. 

I made the fabric covered with the flowers for both my sister and SIL as well as all my co-workers.  I made the flower covered one for my mom and another one for my MIL.  I loved them both as you could personalize each one by your fabric choice.  And gonna share a lil secret after supplies (fabric, straw wreaths, and felt) were purchased the break per item price wise came to around $6 .  Thanks to sale on fabrics and felt as well as coupons and in store deals.  So budget friendly and fun to make.  For the fabric ones you need 1/2 yard of fabric of your choice and 3 8.5x11 sheets of felt and push pins.  You cut the fabric into 1/2in strips and then pin it to straw wreath and wrap and pin and so fourth.  For the felt you cut it into circles (you pick the size and they don't have to perfect) once cut fold the circles in half and then in half again, pin it at the corner and open it up continue until you achieve the look you are going for.  Also you can get plearlized push pins and add those into the flowers.  For the all flower you need about a yard and half of felt you pick the color.  The picture above is the one I made for my mom and because their house is green I went with white, the one I made for my MIL is a soft pink as her door is white. Anyways, you cut the felt into circles and fold in half and in half again, pin at corner.  I plan to make one for myself soon so I will at that time take some step by step photos to explain better.

Share Pinterest love-I was too busy DIY-ing to share my love but trust me I love it!

Organize MB closet-this kinda happened, it happened enough to be crossed off

December List:

Organize guest room closet which has turned into a collect all - so glad this got crossed off, still needs some work but it's way better than before

Paint kitchen cabinets - now that they are painted they make our counter rop look like crap

Celebrate someone special in our house turning 2! - post coming soon!!!

finalize art work for dining area, we have agreed on the photo now just figuring out a size - Thanks to Brittany at Knox Photography our print has arrived.  More on that in January

Watch every Christmas movie we own at least 2x a rent what we don't own. - we watched, we laughed!!

Change Ian's bed into a toddler bed?? - not happening yet

Continue potty training- it's only crossed off because we did in fact continue, were not done though.

Come up with a head board/window treatment for MB- we are still brianstorming and tossing around the idea of purchasing a king size bed

Celebrate sister's 30th bday with her- we had a fabulous time

The following can be added and crossed off:

bake tons of cookies -  done, and I could careless to see another cookie for about a year

Paint backsplash-

De-Christmas house- I think we set a record and had the house de-decorated in under an hour and not only de-decorated but had everything put back into their proper tote and storage location.

purchase and install new entry way light and hallway light- it's amazing what a difference they make.  When Marcus took the old ones out they both smelled HOT as in a fire hazard so to the trash they went.

Host our 1st Holiday- we hosted Marcus' family New Year's weekend.  It was kinda all thrown together at the last minute as far as the menu.  I'm talking Marcus is running out to the store at 10p on a search for a fresh turkey for us to fry Friday afternoon. It all came together and I must say I'm perfectly fine with hosting my in-laws.  I think I'll continue to let my parents host our Christmas I think the amount of the gifts that were under the tree at their house this year would have filled my entire living room.  We had a great Christmas a seperate post will be coming soon...
I think that is it, but I could be wrong as I said earlier it's been a busy month.

January, so we obiviously have some items left see above but we will add:

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

purchase/install light fixture for dining area

draft up, edit ,and post all the posts I have talked about posting (that one sounds simple but seriously I put quite a bit of naptime time into my posts)

I think this is good enough for now, Happy 2012!!!!