Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up North

A couple weeks ago Ian and I loaded up the car to head to my parents place at Silver Lake.  My day did not start out well at all.  A few weeks ago I hit a pot hole with my car and since had been hearing a not so good sound when going over railroad tracks, pulling into uneven driveways and what not.  So, thought it was best before driving 150 miles to get it checked out so I FB (facebook) messaged my parents neighbors at the lake who own Michiana Auto Pros as I wanted to have a truthful diagnosis and someone who understands the roads I will be on to get to there.  Trent the owner squeezed me and as I sat there waiting for him to return from the test drive my mind was busy going about making up my mental timeline of events to accomplish all that I wanted/needed to be completed prior to my 1 o'clock departure time (aka Ian's nap time) for the 2hr and 40min drive. Needless to say the diasgnosis was not good and my departure time got moved to late afternoon.  A meltdown occured and with the help of my cousin and grandparents, we were on the road by 4:30. Ian did well in the car he slept, warmed his vocal cords up with a good ole fashion screaming contest with me and showed little to no interest in the movie Cars that I downloaded to the iPad. We arrived to the lake with dinner on the table and helping hands to unload the car.

Some highlights in no particular order:
The best view on the drive to the lake and a true sign you will have a potty in about 3min.

We sciencitifically proved that Ian does not remember events that took place when he was 9mos old.

Ate s'mores and Ian loved them

Shopping and lunch in Pentwater

 1st Dune Buggy ride, he loved it

Running the sand dunes is was slightly winded and by slighty I mean when at the top of the hill the sand stung when it hit you.

Showed off my tourist side upon arrival at Mackinaw City

Boarded the ferry to head to Mackinac Island, MI

 We arrived and rented our bikes and Ian's ride for the morning:

Witnessed beer delivery take place

Visited the Butterfly House:

Walked up to the Grand Hotel

 Built a rock castle:

Enjoyed Mackinac Island fudge ice cream

Napped in the Butterfly House
 Walked off our dinner:
Re-inacted a group shot in front of ferry

 Napping please do no distrube:

 Jet skied Silver Lake with the sister

Got mine and Ian's ticket out of the house by putting in CORRECTLY a piece for each of us, this puzzle has been in progress for 2+yrs it's impossible.

Visited Lake Michigan

Played at the beach on Lake Michigan

 Trip was a success we did miss Marcus while he was busy working on the rental house.  Mackinac Island is such a great place to visit and I look forward to going back sometime with Marcus. The island is such a neat place to visit I don't know of any other place that does not allow cars on the roads and the mode of transportation is bikes, walking or horses.  And it's not everyday you watch the UPS man deliver packages via horse and carriage.  I suggest you go and visit!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacay part 2

Oh my we have been home for a month and have already gone on another getaway so let's not waste anymore time here and get this trip wrapped up.

Day 4 Teasure Island bound and my birthday: we arrived to Teasure Island, FL located our resort and since we were early for check in we proceeded to the nearest Publix to do some fridge/pantry stocking.  And since it was my bday it was my pick for dinner.  I wanted 2 things 1)eat local, when you eat local the food is usually better and why not help out the local folks of the town you are visiting. 2) must eat overlooking water, hello we are visiting the gulf coast and it's not like we have the opportunity everyday to eat overlooking water (ha when I wrote this we didn't have final word on our house so now we can eat every meal we are home over looking water).  Good news I got both we ate the Friendly Fisherman we all had seafood except for Ian of course he indulged on a couple fries and a lemon.  We did some wandering and then back at condo watched the sunset on the beach.

Day 5 beach day: I started my morning the way I had everyday of our vacation and that was with a workout.  I tied up my shoes and hit the sand for a run on my way down I caught up to a another beach runner and we ended up running together which was great as if I ran by myself I would have stopped at the wrong condo...oops.  Then it was back to the run for a spin through the shower to go to beach.  Yes I just said I showered before I went to the beach I was sweaty, stinky and gross so showering was required.  Once showered and bikini on it was down to the sand and waves till nap time. For nap time Marcus and I both took Ian up but Marcus had it under control so back to the beach I went where I indulged in 2hrs of sun, sand, and a nap...DELIGHTFUL!! That night we had dinner at another local restaurant and was not disappointed at all.

Day 6 beach day! I started the morning the same way I did the day before.  After my run Marcus had his mom keep an eye on Ian while went down to the beach for a walk and some shell finding.  By this day despite the day before being a relaxing day my fellow travel companions where wiped out.  So while they bummed around it was back to the beach for this girl.  Again I stayed down at the beach till nap time and I was back in the lounge chair till some thunder rumbles were heard.  We cleaned up and since it was my MIL b-day it was her pick for dinner.  We ended up at Macaroni Grill and I learned my darling hubby has some navigational issues and likes to live life on the edge when it comes to the gas light turning on.  We were running on fumes, the GPS battery died, and the list goes on.  Luckily we safely made it to a gas station and made it back to the condo...He won't be living that one down anytime soon though.

Day 7 travel day: up and at'em no time to waste. We must shower, eat. finish packing, load car and be on the road by 6:15a. Arrive at airport to find the check-in line about 40 people deep. Computers are down and the airline has 3 flights taking off 30min apart from each other...FANTASTIC. We received our 1st ever handwritten boarding pass, got our reserved seats on the plane, did a pre-departure airplane potty stop, annoyed a few passengers with our anxious 18mos old waited on the plane to take off for about an hr.  Ian slept for a little bit, and made friends with the lady next to us. There is more to this plane adventure but let's be honest you stopped reading a long time ago.  If you are still reading thanks and I will finish the plane adventure in a post of it's own.  It will be short and sweet I promise.

July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Disclaimer I'm not driving while recording the following we stopped in the driveway with the car in park

Convo with his Grammie

Convo with his CiCi

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's never to early to teach the skills of home maintenance...
swiffer, broom boy

vacuum boy

mop boy

lawn boy

pool boy

Monday, July 11, 2011


Oh my goodness I feel like it's been so long since my last post.  But in fact a lot has just happened since june 30th and our plate is FULL right now.  So let's catch up:

1. Rental House (aka our 1st home): put a For Rent sign in front yard on June 14th and took it out of the front yard on July 5th.  During those 3 weeks, I had 60+ phone calls, scheduled 20+ showings, and had 4 apps. Needless to say I'm beyond thrilled to say we have a renter, not sure which I'm more excited about having a renter or having my phone number no longer on the front lawn. It's a tie I do beleive.  Renter moves in Aug 1st. it's single guy (he has a girlfriend, sorry single ladies out there) with a dog.  To say I'm not nervous I would be lying.  I mean this guy we really don't know him that well, we know his crimnal record is clean, his finicial history is clean but is he clean person as in does he clean the bathroom every week, mop the floors every week, etc.  Let's face it our blood, sweat and swear words are all over that house. He better take care it!

2. We are in our new house and I have yet to make it to work on time since we moved.  I still don't feel I have found the right routine yet to have smooth morning.  It will come just hopefully sooner rather than later.  Paint colors have been choosen for the kitchen, Ian's room, and both bathrooms.  So that just leaves the living room/hallway, our room and back bedroom.  The other night I took down the wallpaper in the half bath and came to the conclusion that the previous owner over paid her handyman by a lot.  Not only are the walls a mess but the medicines cabinets in both bathrooms have parts that were put on upside down.  And in the case of the half bath the cabinet was installed upside down. Back to the house, painting is put on hold there until the rental is up to par.

3. Back to the rental.  With renters comes gray areas when it comes to the initial walk thru and final walk thru.  Marcus wants to eliminate as many gray area as possible.  So all walls and ceilings are painted white, bathroom has been gutted new drywall has been hung, ceramic tile is going in tub surround area, carpets need cleaned and depending on how that goes maybe replaced, Marcus is hanging a drywall ceiling in basement and then the basement has to be painted. Once this is all done the entire houss will need a good cleaning.
Here's what's left to do on our list that we have a less than a month to complete:
1. paint master bed, bath, hallway, kitchen, and basement (notice living room and bedroom #2 aren't on list those rooms got tackled this weekend)
2. paint all trim
3. paint all exterior trim
4. tile bathroom tub surround
5. hang drywall ceiling in basement
6. clean
7. clean carpets, possibly replace
8. hang new ceiling fan in kitchen
9. paint cabinets (this project is halfway done at this point and will be over halfway done by tomorrow)
10. landscape enhancing
My eyes just crossed I think, that is a lot to do and in fact Marcus is staying home from vacay this month to get it finished.  It's not what he wants to do but it's one of those adult decision and one of us has to be responsible.  So tomorrow Ian and I will load up the car and head up north to my parents place to be with them and my sister.  We will then head even further north to Mackinac Island.  Sad Marcus isn't able to join us but having 4 days off with no interuppetions from a nagging loving wife or a clingy snuggly 18mo old a lot should get done assuming no issues come about. So till the next time...Oh geez I still have to finish vacay part 2.  Plus cute Ian stuff.

*Disclaimer I use the term WE very very loosely.