Friday, October 24, 2014

the struggle

I love being able to stay home with the boys it has its struggles and rewards (nap time and bed time). It is without a doubt exhausting both mentally and physically. For me more mentally than physically. I often get asked how I do it and honestly I do it with chocolate and cookies. I don't drink wine, beer, alcohol I eat chocolate and cookies!!! And early bedtimes!!! The struggle is finding balance in it all.  Playing with the boys but also having them play on their own and learn how to entertain themselves. Also as SAHM I often (more times than not) will turn the TV on so I can shower without getting out of the shower to a house covered in randomness that Ian calls toys. It's ensuring the boys and I are social but not overloaded with something happening everyday (that then becomes expected). Making sure our home is clean (I will often do early bedtime and then stay up and clean till 11:30p and then go to bed bonus I wake to a still clean house and I didn't take any time away from the boys, downside I stay up till 11:30 cleaning) and laundry is done not only washed and dried but folded and put away (Thursday it took from 9a-6p to accomplish this, laundry is something that the process only requires max 15min of my time every 45min so doable).  One of these days I will figure out the balance till then I manage and attempt to have balance to the best of my ability. Along with the above we also have the daily have to's: errands, grocery shopping, making meals, etc. lunch monitoring as Ian has pre-school in the afternoon so his lunchtime has to start by 11:30 or earlier so he finishes in time before we have to leave. I also watch another family a couple times a month. I'm in MOTS (mother of toddlers), and I resell items on FB resale sites. I have found that I enjoy doing this tremendously it allows me to contribute to our family all while "working" from the comfort of our home. Our basement has turned into an inventory room as I sell for friends. Also back in April I was hired on with CM Spaces as the linen girl that role has increased to now the inventory room organizer and returner girl to whatever else the creative brains need.  I think I have rambled while I attempted to find a flow in this post so I shall head to bed as another day of finding balance awaits.