Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 months

Another month has flown by. You have rightfully earned the name Slobber Man as you constantly slobbering!!! 
I still can't get over how much change you and all babies can go through in just a short period of time. 

You are without a doubt a mini version of your daddy, you are following his growth pattern and you look exactly like him. We've started introducing foods to you, and you love oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, spaghetti sauce, pizza, mixed veggies. You could careless about bananas, watermelon and strawberries though.  I'm totally skipping purées with you and going straight to table foods. It's called baby led weaning and it took me to stop over thinking it (as it simply can't be as easy as making dinner for the family and tossing it on your tray too but alas it is) and getting over my fears to do it.  As the fear of having another eater like your big brother is scary and my sanity can't handle it. Although you are only 7mos old and have only been at this eating solids for a short while my hopes are high. You continue to roll to get around, haven't figured out how to sit up on your own or how to crawl. Yay!!! I did do a quick at home measurement a couple wks ago and you were about 30" long. You are in 9mos, 12mos and some 18mos clothing. You are keeping me guessing as to what size/season I should be buying. You love the pool which is a good thing because if the sun is out we are out! 

This was taken this week and I want to share it now because I can. 
You melt my heart, I could hold you forever and let tears stream my cheeks because I'm blessed to have the chance to raise you. That I was chosen to be your mommy, such a gift I've been given. 

I also can't look at you without smiling or laughing, you bring so much joy into our home. 
Here's to another month of growing and changing slobber man.

Love you to the moon and back Laners!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lane 6 months little giant you have been in this crazy world for 6months I'll save you from what happens in the real world and reflect on what's going on in your own lil' world. At your check up you tipped the scales at 18lbs 11.5oz and you measure 28" long. You are wearing 9mos clothes and 12mos pj's. You also got your first diagnosis of double ear infection which would explain why we only got 2hrs of sleep the night before your appt. You have mastered rolling in both directions and sitting you my son are now a sitter!!! Now, that your 6mos we will start letting you explore foods. Going to try a different approach than we did with Ian and we are going to follow baby lead weaning.  Your noises are changing you don't squawk so much at us anymore. First tooth is working it's way into your mouth. 

You love bath time, the amount of splashing you do causes quite the wet floor.