Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ian 5yrs

My sweet Ian boy I can't help but feel both sad and excited as you turn 5yrs old. **edited to add in 5yr stats 40.5lbs and 43in tall.  Sad because my first baby is growing up and excited because my first baby is growing up. Excited as to what new experiences and challenges this next year brings.
This past year you have excelled at being a big brother so I only except that to continue 😉. You started pre-school where our suspicions were confirmed that you excel and feel most comfortable in small group settings and prefer to observe larger groups and proceed with caution when deciding if you want join in. You are still my sweet loving shy boy with a sweet voice and smile. Things that you love: watching movies in the big bed and also on the big screen, swimming, swinging, hot wheels, batman, wearing "fast" shoes, pizza, the color blue, animals, that your daddy works at both the fire station and the bank, Laners, and getting him to jump in his bed. I could go on but the bottom line is you love life!  May this next year being a 5yr old be fun and healthy!!

Love you Ian Boy
Your momma 

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