Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brotherly love 

The visions of my boys loving each other and always getting along are gone. I feel like all I do is referee. Trying to get one to stand up himself and the other to be kind and not so rough and picking on his brother. It's....exhausting. 

You know the baby days where you try to squeeze in a shower and end up having baby in the bathroom in the bouncy seat? Well...replace baby with either a 7yr old or a 3yr old having to sit in the bathroom while you shower because they blew their chance of co-existing in the same room without and adult present.  My view this AM outside the bathroom door...a shirtless boy and cereal all over the floor.

I'm ready for this phase to be over but in reality I know it's just the beginning and hopefully one day (I'm hoping for sooner rather than later) they learn to coexist. 

Because this is TRUTH: 

And this 

I have zero advice, every morning I aim to be ready for the day before either wakes. And when I have to wake them I debate who to wake up first and be present for every step of their morning routine. Obviously I fail a lot at this in the summer. Here's to hoping today and the following days have fewer bumps. 

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