Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Glued back together 

If you follow me on Instagram or FB then you know that 2 weeks I was med-point bound with Ian. 

Remember that brotherly love stuff I wrote about? Well...the story from the 3yr old is simply bad timing. He was tossing/chucking/throwing (pick your word here) the metal watering can into the pool and it hit Ian's head before it hit the water.  He is very sorry and that night he ate his dinner very quickly (super rare to eat in less 30min but he did) and put himself straight to bed.  And for a good week when it mentioned (can't really not see white strips going across a forehead) he would hide out of guilt.  Now, he openly says "I did that, it was an accident and he's ok!" 

I knew immediately when Ian came out of the pool hysterical in tears and I took one look we were urgent care bound. I quickly called my in-laws stating I needed them pronto. In the meantime I got Ian changed into dry clothes, the oven turned off, the cornbread put back into a oven, stove top turned on (so Lane could eat his dinner) and got Ian's bleeding managed. But in the meantime I also second guessed myself and thought maybe I'm being an over reactive crazy mom. So I texted for a 2nd opinion and got confirmation that my initial thoughts were confirmed.  Inlaws arrived rather quickly (bonus to living 13 houses away). Ian and I grab water and he grabs a snack as it was suppose to be dinner time and out the door we went.

The photo I didn't post on social media: 

The butterfly bandage I found in our first aide basket and one very scared little boy. 

Our Dr at Med-Point was great and wanted to try gluing it before stitches or staples. 

Some glue and 3 steri-strips and 50 min later we are home bound

One of those cute little metal watering cans did was the weapon...

2wks later and looking very good and a new temporary hairline too 🤣🤣

Was I scared? Yes and no...I've been in this situation before with a spinning Lane who fell into the corner of a doorway and got 2 staples in his head (his barley bled at all)

I feel like both instances I was calm and collected and took care of what needed to be taken care of and the injuries were easily fixable. Ian said the gluing didn't hurt or sting at all. I think the initial blood is what scared him the most as well as the hit to the head hurting. (We have a new standard for whining about pain now it has to hurt as bad or worse than his head or arm braking 😊). When Lane got his staples I wore him in the ergo facing me and his heart rate did not change at all.  Thankful for my brave boys 😍😍 

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